Paul Fagan

Paul Fagan

Paul worked as a Disability Officer for a large London Council for a number of years before establishing a training consultancy in 1985.  He has worked both in the Ireland and in Europe and delivered hundreds of training courses in the area of disability equality. He is also the author of a Human Rights Paper on the Rights of Disabled People in Europe.

During his time as a trainer Paul has worked with a large number of County Councils, statutory bodies and organisations from the voluntary sector. Some of the clients he has delivered disability equality training for are the Scottish Parliament, Donegal County Council and Dublin City Council. Paul is a lecturer for the University of Maynooth and has delivered the Certificate in Disability Studies for the past nine years.

Paul is involved with promoting self-advocacy and works with pan impairment groups in the area of self-determination, equality and right’s.

As part of this work he is committed to the right for People with Disabilities to live independently and is director for the Centre for Independent Living Carmichael House and has recently been asked to join the committee on the European Network on Independent Living.

His direct experience of disability has given him an active interest on issues of equality and how people with disabilities are treated and viewed by society. His engaging and inclusive style puts people immediately at their ease and enables them to engage fully in the subject matter. He is open to new ideas and approaches and how they may impact on the lives of people with disabilities. Paul takes what he learns in the field and into the study sessions he delivers making his tutorials current, interesting, engaging and stimulating for all concerned.