Good Practice

May 20, 2011,

Good Example: Anizeto Calzeta and Ruedas a book by Guillermo Fresser

Anizeto Calzeta is not a regular detective, he solves everyday life mysteries and social issues and he has an exceptional assistant called Wheels (Ruedas).Wheels is the nickname of a 12 year old girl called Candela Mostos who happens to be amongst other things a wheelchair user. The author shows with Wheels that a wheelchair doesn’t…

May 03, 2011,

Good Example: MOVIMOLISE Website

If you want to know the latest news about Independent Living or who are the key activisits in the different regions of Italy you better visit: This webpage offers information and shares documents related to Independent Living not only from Italy but from all over Europe. Check it out now!

May 03, 2011,

Good Example: Accessibility App by Erik Ljungberg; ENIL Board Member

Last year, the Swedish Gothenburg Cooperative for Independent Living (Göteborgskooperativet för Independent Living, GIL) ran a campaign to improve accessibility at bars and restaurants. Each week, it published the names and photos of three restaurants with barriers that could easily be removed on their website. It also highlighted several good examples of accessibility. During the…

May 03, 2011,

Bolibompa TV host with a disability; one small step towards a more inclusive society

A Bolibompa television host with a disability – one small step towards a more inclusive society This spring, Funkisbyrån, JAG Association’s modeling agency for persons with disabilities, has been cooperating with Swedish television channel SVT to help cast a new host for the children’s program, Bolibompa. The program explicitly aims to cast a person with…

May 03, 2011,

Good Example: Positive video stories by Apeirons

An organisation of people with disabilities and their friends “Apeirons” from Latvia has started to create and promote informative video materials. “Apeirons” is making positive video stories and reports. The positive video stories talk about the lives of different persons with disabilities, their hobbies, professional activities, motivation and other things that allow them to enjoy…

Apr 27, 2011,

Good Example: Civil Rights Now!

“If your civil rights have been violated you don’t need a good hug, you need a good lawyer” Paul Caune, founder of Civil Rights Now! Civil Rights Now! is a non-profit, all volunteer, non-partisan society with a single goal: To get laws passed that gives Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms real force in the…

Apr 21, 2011,

Secrets shared by many! New book on PA and sex by Veronica Svensk

New book on Personal Assistance and sex called: “Secrets shared by many!” Veronica Svensk, the author, is a member of the Swedish Youth Mobility Impairment  organization. She talks about how to flirt and have sex when in need of personal assistance. Nowadays this subject is taboo and Veronica hopes to start a discussion. The book…