Good Practice

Aug 03, 2015,

Severe Violations of Rights of Disabled People in Iraqi Kurdistan

Through recent reports from the Institute of Kurds with disabilities in Sweden, the situation for disabled persons within the Iraqi Kurdistan illustrates a grisly and an outright inhumane treatment of these people with their basic human rights being grossly violated.

Jul 20, 2015,

Youth Summer School on Independent Living: Working Together for Independent Living in Turkey

More than 35 disabled people and their personal assistants took part in the Youth Summer School on Independent Living in Istanbul, between 29th June and 2nd July 2015. It was organised by ENIL, in partnership with RUSIHAK (Turkey) and CIL – Sofia (Bulgaria) as part of the joint project “Independent Living Network: Promoting the right to independent living of people with disabilities in Turkey” (ILNET).

Jul 06, 2015,

Bente Skansgårds Independent Living Fond

In May ENIL proudly announced a great initiative of ULOBA – the establishment of the foundation ‘Bente Skansgård Independent Living Fond’. The object of the foundation is to strengthen the global Independent Living movement. It is aimed at increasing the knowledge about the Independent Living movement by providing financial support for the exchange of experience and competence between disabled people.

Jun 23, 2015,

Zero Project – For a World Without Barriers

The Zero Project continues to be a success and has grown into an important world organization spreading good policy and practice for the rights of disabled people. With this article we take the opportunity to announce the Zero Project call on education and ICT for 2016. Pass the word to make sure that we, from the Independent Living movement, contribute with our good examples. Find the link for the registration of good policy and practice here.

May 26, 2015,

13th Research Conference of NNDR in Norway

About 360 participants, coming from 34 countries, attended the 13th Research Conference of the Nordic Network on Disability Research (NNDR). The conference took place in Bergen, Norway, from May 6th – 8th.

May 26, 2015,

The Second European Independent Living Day (May 5th 2015) Was a Success!

For the second consecutive year, the European Independent Living day was celebrated on May 5th with many exciting events in the name of Independent Living (IL) across Europe. We raised our voices through activities, making loud and clear messages and raising awareness on Independent Living.

May 04, 2015,

Briefing on the Use of Structural Funds to Support the Transition from Institutional Care to Community Living

With the majority of Operational Programmes for the European Structural and Investment Funds (‘Structural Funds’) adopted, the European Network on Independent Living – European Coalition for Community Living (ENIL-ECCL) consider it important to highlight the significant on-going issues which may impede the transition from institutional care to community living for people with disabilities.

Apr 28, 2015,

Register for ENIL’s Youth Summer School in Istanbul, Turkey

The European Network on Independent Living (ENIL) is inviting young disabled people (aged 18-35) from Europe to take part in a Youth Summer School on Independent Living, which will take place in Istanbul, Turkey in the period 28 June – 2 July.

Apr 01, 2015,

Time to Assess Progress Towards Independent Living in the European Union

As part of the review of EU’s initial report on the implementation on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), ENIL’s Western Regional Coordinator Peter Lambreghts will address the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities tomorrow and present ENIL-ECCL’s Shadow report on Article 19 of the CRPD.

Mar 24, 2015,

Survey on Accessible Tourism

An MBA student at the Tallinn University of Technology has launched a survey researching the currently available processes of hotel booking for travellers with access needs in Europe.