Aug 26, 2011, Europe in Action

Ireland: Leaders, leading a new way forward

Ireland as an island has always been an outward looking country, set between the melting pot of America, our friendly neighbour Britain and the network of vision that is Europe. For us Leaders living in Ireland we have always been eager to have what our neighbours have – a system of Direct Payments. The Leader’s…

Aug 24, 2011, Europe in Action

Support needed – Montenegrin Government closed down the Council for the Care for Persons with Disabilities

Open letter to Montenegro President by Milan Šaranović, Acting Executive Director of the AYDM (Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro), on the behalf of 12 Disabled people organizations. Download the letter (PDF) See the Montenegro government Decision on Establishing the Council for Protection against Discrimination, MNE. To support this letter send an email to  

Aug 13, 2011, Europe in Action

Slovenia: Letter of a user of Personal Assistance

    When my life started to change because of my illness I was 30 years old, in a rock&roll relationship and with a small child. I was just preparing to start to plan my new life goals, new insane ideas and a new peace. At that time nothing was going my way or the…

Aug 13, 2011, Europe in Action

Letter of Mrs. Mira Čas to the Slovenian Authorities

  Life is a journey, for which no one gets a map. Anyone is travelling thru his or her life according to his own needs. Some people choose the easy way to achieve the goal, while they say that they have the courage and vision. Consequently, there is something horribly wrong within our society, which…

Aug 11, 2011, Europe in Action

YHD: Illegal distribution of funds between disability organizations in Slovenia

YHD – Association for theory and culture of handicap has sent a legal opinion to the National Assembly of theRepublicofSlovenia, specifically, to the Labour, Family and Disabled Persons Board, which we fought due to many years of discrimination against our association concerning the allocation of resources by the Foundation for Financing of Humanitarian and Disabled…

Aug 10, 2011, News

DPAC – Protest Against the Cuts – 18th September 2011 – Birmingham

Source of the post Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) call on disabled people across the country to stand up against the government. We are working with  the TUC and Right to Work to organise a protest to happen at the same time as the Lib Dem conference in Birmingham on 18th September. It is important that…

Aug 08, 2011, News

Press Coverage of Norwegian Killings Demonises Mental Health Support Needs

    As the world tries to understand how a tragedy like Norway could happen, speculation on the mental state of Anders Behring Breivik abounds in the international press.  This casual yet pervasive linkage between deviance and a concept of “madness” perpetuates and encourages stigma and prejudice surrounding mental health.  Such speculation is largely misinformed…

Aug 04, 2011, News

UNICEF reports: Stop sending children under three years into institutions

This UNICEF reports revealed the lack of Human Rights suffered by disabled people living in institutions across Europe, and even worse,  children under the age of three, lots of them with disabilities, are suffering this situation.   Download the reports: “FORGOTTEN EUROPEANS, FORGOTTEN RIGHTS” The human rights of persons placed in institutions. “AT HOME OR…

Jul 29, 2011, News

FRA Symposium Report: Using Indicators to measure fundamental rights in the EU

Source of the news FRA The 2011 Fundamental Rights Agency Symposium brough together the experts and stakeholders to discuss the development and use of indicators as a tool to measure progress in the implementation of fundamental rights in the EU. A working paper on fundamental rights indicators and the Agency’s role in the area will…

Jul 29, 2011, News

Human Rights Breech! Act Now! Defend Elaine McDonald and Disability Rights!

Source of the news DPAC and letter from The Scotsman Earlier this month Elaine McDonald was robbed not only of her rights but her dignity due to a reassesment of her needs done by the Kensignton and Chelsea Council. According to the Council Elaine McDonald who is not incontinent, should wear incontinence pads during the…

Jul 28, 2011, Europe in Action

I. L. and the difference between Social-Medical care and Personal Assistance. University of Psychology. University of Valencia June 22nd

ENIL Valencia Team was invited by the professor of the MA Degree in “Social-Medical Care for Disabled People”, at the University of Psychology of Valencia, to hold a Conference for students and faculty about Independent Living and Personal Assistance. On June 22nd, Itziar Fernández, ENIL’s Regional Coordinator of the South of Europe and Pilar O’Connor,…

Jul 28, 2011, Europe in Action

Monitoring the UN CRPD in Montenegro.

On May 26th  a Coalition for monitoring the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) was established in Bar, Montenegro. This Coalition is composed of 24 local and national DPO-s. The Montenegrin Government has signed and ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability – UNCRPD and are now under…

Jul 27, 2011, Disability Watchdog

Disability Watchdog: Personal Assistance Decree in Valencia, Spain

Issue that was addressed The approval of the new law that regulates Personal Assistance in Valencia (Spain), ENIL reacted presenting the Valencia Government a draft with changes and additions that should be included to the law before its presentation to public debate. The Valencia Government in 2010 announced that in January 2011 this new law…

Jul 27, 2011, Europe in Action

After the Independent Living Conference in Rome: What lies ahead?

The International Independent Living Conference in Rome was held during two busy days and was a comparison between the international and national experiences with the main topic of Personal Assistance as a means of inclusion of people with disabilities. This meeting was strongly supported by ENIL Europe, through the coordination between the Secretariat of Valencia,…

Jul 27, 2011, Europe in Action

DPAC campaigns and protests agains benefit cuts in the UK

Source of the news and images DPAC website On the evening of the 21st of July disabled people and supporters gathered at Kensington and Chelsea’s Social Services to defend and support Elaine McDonald and Disability Rights. More photos to be found at

Jul 26, 2011, Europe in Action

Rio came to Stockholm for one afternoon

One afternoon in late June, the members of JAG took over the streets of Stockholm. Together with an authentic samba orchestra, we offered a carnival procession, which exuded pride, joy and self-esteem.   About 200 people, members in JAG, personal assistants, relatives and supporters, participated.     Why a samba carnival? The members in JAG…

Jul 18, 2011, News

Defend Elaine McDonald and Disability Rights!

Source of the news DPAC Lobby Kensington & Chelsea Council’s Cabinet Meeting   The Town Hall, Hornton Street, London, W8 7NX   at 5.30pm on Thursday 21 July 2011   The Supreme Court has ruled in support of Kensington and Chelsea council’s withdrawal of overnight care to Elaine McDonald to save money. This will mean…

Jul 18, 2011, News

Children’s Rights for All!

There are around one million children with intellectual disabilities throughout the European Union. These children often find themselves subject to discrimination and exclusion from society, and are frequently denied the right to good quality education, healthcare, recreation and services. In many cases, their families are also subject to discrimination and are denied access to adequate…

Jul 15, 2011, News

5th ENIL Strasbourg Freedom Drive

Watch some videos on the Freedom Drive 2011 here more materials in the Freedom Drive Facebook Page Share with us your videos, photo galleries…! Please send the links to your videos, photo galleries… to  this email