Oct 20, 2011, Europe in Action

Progress in Implementing Freedom Drive Demands

Before this year’s Freedom Drive, we analysed the progress made in implementing the demands from 2009. In case you have not had a chance to read this document, we are sending it to you again. The second document, Freedom Drive Demands Explained, sets out what is behind this year’s demands. ENIL will use the next…

Oct 20, 2011, Europe in Action

Report from the Freedom Drive 2011

This report includes summaries of all the meetings and events organised during the Freedom Drive week. You will also find the selected press coverage and the main documents in the Annex to the report. The report is available in pdf and Text Only version.

Sep 30, 2011, Europe in Action

What is Landsailing?

A sailkart is a vehicle designed for leisure or sport, only moved by the force of the wind against a sail. It usually has three points of support on the floor where wheels or ice skates are set. Sail can be of fabric, rigid or semirigid. It is provided of a compartment for the driver…

Sep 30, 2011, Europe in Action

DPAC conference in London

Disabled People against Cuts (DPAC) opens to members and hosts first DPAC Conference in London DPAC is becoming more accountable by opening itself up to members and developing an election process for a new DPAC steering group. DPAC will be one year old on 3rd October 2011. They have hosted many protests against the condem…

Sep 30, 2011, Europe in Action

Swedish people are losing stately granted assistance allowance

In Sweden, every decision regarding personal assistance is reconsidered every second year. The social insurance agency’s new decision making guidelines lead to many people losing their personal assistance affiliated to these reconsiderations. According to statistics from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, 269 people who were entitled to support lost their right to personal assistance in…

Sep 30, 2011, News

Meet Hillevi Larsson from Sweden

My name is Hillevi Larsson. I am a 20 year old girl with a lot of things going on in my life. Since January this year, I live in an apartment of my own in southern Stockholm. I live close to my family so I get to meet with them almost every day. This spring…

Sep 30, 2011, Europe in Action

The voters no one wants

If the political parties consider that the top politicians should mirror the electorate, people with disabilities represent the voters no one wants. All political parties are aware that there has to be a certain correlation between their own representatives and the voters whom they want to attract. A party without a geographical balance at the…

Sep 30, 2011, News

Save the vote campaign

The right to vote is fundamental to our status as citizens. It enables us to have influence over political representatives and policy makers. Denying this right to certain people thus legitimises the silencing of their political voices and undermines their claims to citizenship. The right to vote is a long-standing human right. Some earlier interpretations…

Sep 30, 2011, Europe in Action

Sweden: Freedom Drive road trip

We were nine members from JAG in Sweden who travelled by bus from Stockholm to France together with our personal assistants to participate in Freedom Drive in Strasbourg. Here are some pictures and impressions from the trip and the Freedom Drive week.

Sep 08, 2011, News

Freedom Drive 2011 route

This year Freedom Drivers will have a new, more visible route, starting at Place de la Republique. From there, we will make our way to the European Parliament. A Member of the Parliament will then take our demands. If you can, please bring banners, megaphones, drums and other props to make theFreedom Driveloud and clear!…

Aug 30, 2011, Europe in Action

Coalition for inclusion In the Netherlands

  The board of the coalition for inclusion in the Netherlands is occupied with a research on how the future of this network will be. Many questions on the movement that the coalition for inclusion represents, the form it will take…. A lot of brainstorm. Thursday the 18th of August they organized in Rotterdam a…

Aug 29, 2011, Europe in Action

Belgium: CAMPAIGN GRIP vzw ‘We’re stronger than we think’

On July 2, 2009, Belgium ratified the UN Convention on the rights of persons with a disability. The Convention is an important tool for persons with a disability. It gives them a chance to participate, and to strive for their rights and fight for equal opportunities. A lot of disabled people are not familiar with this Convention,…

Aug 26, 2011, Europe in Action

Ireland: Leaders, leading a new way forward

Ireland as an island has always been an outward looking country, set between the melting pot of America, our friendly neighbour Britain and the network of vision that is Europe. For us Leaders living in Ireland we have always been eager to have what our neighbours have – a system of Direct Payments. The Leader’s…

Aug 24, 2011, Europe in Action

Support needed – Montenegrin Government closed down the Council for the Care for Persons with Disabilities

Open letter to Montenegro President by Milan Šaranović, Acting Executive Director of the AYDM (Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro), on the behalf of 12 Disabled people organizations. Download the letter (PDF) See the Montenegro government Decision on Establishing the Council for Protection against Discrimination, MNE. To support this letter send an email to  

Aug 13, 2011, Europe in Action

Slovenia: Letter of a user of Personal Assistance

    When my life started to change because of my illness I was 30 years old, in a rock&roll relationship and with a small child. I was just preparing to start to plan my new life goals, new insane ideas and a new peace. At that time nothing was going my way or the…

Aug 13, 2011, Europe in Action

Letter of Mrs. Mira Čas to the Slovenian Authorities

  Life is a journey, for which no one gets a map. Anyone is travelling thru his or her life according to his own needs. Some people choose the easy way to achieve the goal, while they say that they have the courage and vision. Consequently, there is something horribly wrong within our society, which…

Aug 11, 2011, Europe in Action

YHD: Illegal distribution of funds between disability organizations in Slovenia

YHD – Association for theory and culture of handicap has sent a legal opinion to the National Assembly of theRepublicofSlovenia, specifically, to the Labour, Family and Disabled Persons Board, which we fought due to many years of discrimination against our association concerning the allocation of resources by the Foundation for Financing of Humanitarian and Disabled…

Aug 10, 2011, News

DPAC – Protest Against the Cuts – 18th September 2011 – Birmingham

Source of the post Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) call on disabled people across the country to stand up against the government. We are working with  the TUC and Right to Work to organise a protest to happen at the same time as the Lib Dem conference in Birmingham on 18th September. It is important that…

Aug 08, 2011, News

Press Coverage of Norwegian Killings Demonises Mental Health Support Needs

    As the world tries to understand how a tragedy like Norway could happen, speculation on the mental state of Anders Behring Breivik abounds in the international press.  This casual yet pervasive linkage between deviance and a concept of “madness” perpetuates and encourages stigma and prejudice surrounding mental health.  Such speculation is largely misinformed…