Jun 11, 2011, Good Practice

Good example: Map for wheelchair accessible locations.

  Maptivism: much more than a geographical map The mobilization of citizens to deal with problems of daily human rights violations and environmental emergencies through new technologies. When cartography rhymes with activism. What is Wheelmap? Wheelmap is a map for wheelchair accessible locations. On you can find out if a location is accessible or not…

Jun 10, 2011, News

World Report on Disability by WHO

On the 9th of June at the UN Building in New York, USA the World Report on Disability was launched by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Bank. The report, created with information gathered from different DPOs and researchers all over the world show evidence of the barriers disabled people face continously in…

Jun 08, 2011, Press releases

UK Government Orders Immediate Enquiry Following Abuse, Harrassment and Violence against People with Challenging Behaviour in Bristol

UK Government Orders Immediate Enquiry Following the Abuse, Harassment and Violence against People with Challenging Behaviour in Bristol On 30 May the BBC Panorama programme[1] revealed a series of abuse in residential care for people with intellectual disabilities and autism near Bristol, UK. The programme showed residents, labelled as having challenging behaviour, being kicked, violently…

Jun 06, 2011, News

ENIL calls for action! Budget cuts in the Netherlands

Personal budgets taken away from 117.000 people in the Netherlands! ENIL Calls for action! The effects of the crisis on disability policy worsen every week. After protests against cuts in Germany, Ireland and the U.K., we even received very disturbing news from so called ‘example countries’ as Sweden and Norway.  Since the beginning of this…

Jun 02, 2011, News

EDF Freedom of Movement Campaign

ARE YOU FREE ENOUGH? WE WANT FREEDOM MOVEMENT FOR ALL! The European Union says it guarantees freedom of movement to all citizens but the reality is that disabled people across Europe face all sorts of barriers when travelling. Major difficulties arise not only when travelling by plane but also on the way to work, study…

Jun 02, 2011, Europe in Action

Biography of Ed Roberts and worldwide list of Independent Living Centers

Meet Buddy Bougere from New Orleans, USA. He is writing a biography on disability pioneer Ed Roberts and is working on a worldwide list of Independent Living Centers. Read all about it and help Buddy Bougere with completing his list. 961 Independent Living Centers In 37 Countries by Buddy Bougere © Copyright by…

Jun 01, 2011, Good Practice

Eric Celie, user of the Armon Ayura, a dynamic arm support system.

ENIL believes that people with a disability should have the right to use every helping aid,adaptation or assistive technology they choose to lead an independent life. We are the experts who know best what exactly we need. In reality we are often confronted with social workers or government functionaries who decide for us. They will…

Jun 01, 2011, Good Practice

The Armon Ayura arm support

The Armon Ayura is an arm support especially developed for those who only have little strength in their arms, due to e.g. a transverse lesion, a cerebral infarct or one of many muscle diseases. The arm support is based upon the weight compensation technique, meaning that the device takes over the weight of the arm….

Jun 01, 2011, News

Disability WatchDog : Cinema chain discriminates wheelchair users in Belgium!

Issue : The Kinepolis cinema chain has movie theatres in several Belgian cities. Since 2011 they have started to refuse people in wheelchairs in some of their cinema halls. Suddenly they decided to  interpretate fire safety regulations in a very extreme way. If wheelchair users can reach a certain cinema hall only by elevator, they’re…

Jun 01, 2011, News

John Evans was interviewed by the NCDP, a leading DPO in Greece.

  ENIL spreads this interesting document throughout Europe! Interview with Mr. John Evans OBE, ENIL past President and Advisory Board Member, EDF Board Member, former Chair of the British Council of Disabled People, founder of Hampshire Centre for Independent Living and National Centre for Independent Living (NCIL) and freelance disability rights and equality trainer and…

May 31, 2011, News

World Report on Disability by WHO; 9th June 2011

On the 9th of June at the UN Building in New York, USA the World Report on Disability will be launched by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Bank. Disabled people and organizations from all over the world have been actively involved in the process of making the report during all stages. The…

May 31, 2011, Europe in Action

Meet Lizy Scheltjens, from Flanders (Belgium)

I’m a youngster from about 30 years and I was raised in an open-minded way. My younger, non-disabled brother and I were raised in an equal way. I spend my school time at a school for disabled people but I didn’t see this as an obstacle because there they taught me how to be independent….

May 31, 2011, Europe in Action

Rencontre avec Corinne Lassoie, de Wallonie (Belgique)

J’ai fait des études de tourisme et c’est dans ce domaine que je travaillais mais ma vie a basculé deux fois. Tout d’abord quand j’avais 24 ans et que je me suis retrouvée en chaise roulante suite à mon premier accouchement et puis il y a sept ans quand mon mari m’a quittée. Souffrant d’un…

May 31, 2011, Europe in Action

Meet Corinne Lassoie, from Wallonia (Belgium)

I’ve studied tourism and this is the area I worked in, but my life changed twice. First when I was 24 years and I found myself in a wheelchair after my first delivery and then seven years ago when my husband left me. Suffering from a severe disability, unable to live alone, I fought to…

May 31, 2011, Europe in Action

Interview: Professor Robert Schalock

The Expertise Centre Independent Living (Belgium) published a study in May 2011 on quality of life of people who use a Personal Assistance Budget (PAB) in Flanders to organize their support. Following this research we spoke with the renowned professor Robert Schalock. He tells us more about the concept of Quality of Life.
-A lot of our readers have heard about you and your work in the field of Quality of Life-research. For the people that don’t know who you are, could you introduce yourself?

The concept of quality of life appeared in my writings in the mid 1980s based on the evaluation of community based programs in Nebraska. At that time, we were establishing community-based residential and vocational programs for persons with intellectual disability and were placing individuals into more independent and productive community environments. We were proud of our accomplishments were as we continued the research activities it became apparent that something was missing in our work. I remember well, for example, making the following comment in a 1986 AJMR article: “Although we had succeeded in placing people into more independent and productive environments, we had overlooked an important item: their quality of life.’Even though I knew very little about the concept from a literature perspective, intuitively it made good sense to focus on a life of quality, which lead to the work on quality of life that I have been involved in ever since.

May 27, 2011, Good Practice

New law approved in Iceland

Great News! It was announced today the 27th of May during the NNDR conference that the Icelandic Parliament passed today a great law. Sign language has been accepted as the national language of the deaf! When asked about the costs the reply was:   “We first look at Human Rights and decide how to finance…

May 27, 2011, Press releases

ENIL Press Release: Vergeet Onze Japanse Broers En Zussen Niet!

Japan Council on Independent Living Centers EUROPEAN NETWORK on INDEPENDENT LIVING ENIL Press Release 26 mei 2011   Vergeet onze Japanse broers en zussen niet! Op 11 maart 2011 gebeurde het. Na een uitzonderlijk zware aardschok voor de kust van Japan volgde een alles verwoestende tsunami. De ravage was totaal, het aantal doden en vermisten…

May 27, 2011, News

ENIL Press Release: Don’t Forget Our Japanese Brothers And Sisters!

Japan Council on Independent Living Centers ENIL Press Release May 26 , 2011   DON’T FORGET OUR JAPANESE BROTHERS AND SISTERS! It happened on the 11th of March 2011. An extremely heavy earthquake before the coast of Japan was followed by a devastating Tsunami. The destruction was complete; the numbers of death and missing people…

May 20, 2011, Good Practice

Good Example: Anizeto Calzeta and Ruedas a book by Guillermo Fresser

Anizeto Calzeta is not a regular detective, he solves everyday life mysteries and social issues and he has an exceptional assistant called Wheels (Ruedas).Wheels is the nickname of a 12 year old girl called Candela Mostos who happens to be amongst other things a wheelchair user. The author shows with Wheels that a wheelchair doesn’t…