Apr 21, 2011, News

ENIL South Region International Independent Living Conference in Rome 4-5th May 2011

ENIL invites you to the South Regional International Conference on Independent Living that will take place in Rome 4-5th May 2011, at the Aranciera San Sisto. We will provide an overview of the Independent Living an Disability Movement across Southern Europe. These countries will be represented by key Independent Living activisits of each region. The…

Apr 21, 2011, News

Johan Ten Geuzendam speaks at the FRP about the implications of the UNCRPD

  As part of the events related to the FRP meetings held in Vienna, 14-15th of April a panel discussion with the title: EU Ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (CRPD)- challenges and opportunities for civil society took place Friday 15th April 2011.

Apr 21, 2011, News

The process of becoming a person by Soledad Arnau Ripollés

After a process of maturement and change butterflies emerge from a cocoon.Fortunately for butterflies this is a natural process which takes place automatically and seems to us almost as if magic was involved. Unfortunately, in the society that we live in the process of becoming a fully recognized citizen if you are a disabled person…

Apr 21, 2011, News

Spanish Independent Living Conference, Bilbao 22-23rd June 2011

    ENIL invites you to the Spanish Independent Living Conference which will be held in the Palacio de Congresos “Euskalduna” at Bilbao 22-23rd June 2011. The event will count with the participation of key Independent Living activists and experts from across Europe and members of the Spanish Forum of Indpendent Living. Also it will…

Apr 21, 2011, News

Conferencia Nacional de Vida Independiente en Bilbao 22-23 de Junio 2011

ENIL os invita a la Conferencia Nacional de Vida Independiente que tendrá lugar en el Palacio de Congresos Euskalduna de Bilbao los días 22 y 23 de Junio 2011.   Contaremos con la participación de reconocidos expertos en materia de Vida Independiente, miembros de Foro de Vida Independiente y Divertad, con los que tendremos la…

Apr 19, 2011, News

Equality and Diversity Forum change of address

Kindly note that the Equality and Diversity Forum have moved to new offices from Monday 18th April and can now be reached at: Tel + 44 (0)20 303 31454 Equality and Diversity Forum Tavis House, 1-6 Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9NB

Apr 15, 2011, News

14th April 2011; ENIL attended the Fundamental Rights Platform

The Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) held its Fundamental Rights Platform (FRP) on the 14- 15 April 2011. ENIL had several of its members attending the meeting: Jamie Bolling – Executive Director of ENIL, Silvia Cutrera – Avi Onlus Roma (Agency for Independent Living) and Chrysis Michaelides European Social Forum Cyprus – ESFCCyprus. Silvia held a…

Apr 14, 2011, News

FRA Stakeholder Survey

The Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) is in the process of reviewing its activities and relations with its stakeholders in order to strengthen its engagement and develop better tailored products. In this context they have developed an electronic survey, which they would like to disseminate to different stakeholders active in the field. Follow this link and…

Apr 14, 2011, News

First Conference of Croatian Self-Advocates

On April 1 and under the theme: Me and You – We Are the Same. To Live Like All Other People the Association for Self Advocacy organized the first conference of Croatian Self-Advocates. The event took place in Zagreb and gathered participants from 11 Croatian cities.   At the opening of the Conference Dr. Izet…

Apr 14, 2011, News

Congratulations CIL Serbia!

CIL Serbia wants to share with all of you our joy as we have achieved something for which we fought for 10 years! We started our advocacy activities related to personal assistance service in year 2000. and since then we were promoting the idea through few action-research projects. Our main goal was to make legislative changes that…

Apr 13, 2011, News

26th March 2011; DPAC TUC March against cuts

Under the theme: March for an Alternative Against Cuts over half a million people gathered in London on the 26th of March united by the same cause. Thanks to Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) and their negotiations with Trades Union Congress (TUC) disabled people had a better chance to be present and participate in this…

Apr 13, 2011, News

16th April 2011; Independent Living Conference in Antwerp

Independent Living conference in Antwerp, Belgium on April 16th! The Expertise Centre Independent Living & ENIL are organizing a conference titled: “Independent Living: from idea into practice” Conference of persons with disabilities and their supporters. Independent living for people with disabilities is still not obvious. According to theoretical models, we did become full citizens. Armed…

Apr 13, 2011, News

29th March 2011 Manifestation in the Netherlands

RATIFY THE UNCRPD! Manifestation in the Netherlands 29th March 2011                 On March 29th I participated in the Manifestation ‘Ratify the UN Convention!’ (Manifestatie ‘Het VN-verdrag Waarmaken!’)in the Beatrix building in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The Coalition for Inclusion ( de Coalitie voor Inclusie) took the initiative for this event. This…

Apr 05, 2011, News

NDA Research Promotion Scheme 2011

The National Disability Authority (NDA) is an independent statutory advisory body to Government on issues of disability policy and practice in Ireland. The NDA’s Research Promotion Scheme (RPS) aims to enhance the knowledge base on key policy issues and practice relevant to people with disabilities. ‘Promoting Safety and Freedom from Abuse for People with Disabilities’…

Dec 17, 2010, News

Independent Living News! 16th of December 2010

Please find available the latest ENIL Newsletter in the link below: Independent Living News! 16th December 2010 Newsletter If you would like to share with us any suggestions, news or contribute with an article please contact Marisol Fojas ENIL Secretary  

Dec 15, 2010, News

EU can ratify UN disability convention

The European Union has removed the last barrier to formal EU ratification of the United Nations convention on the rights of persons with disabilities, according to Gerard Quinn (pictured), the director of the Centre for Disability Law and Policy at NUI Galway. A code of practice was agreed on in Brussels on December 6th that…

Dec 15, 2010, News

Advancing the National Disability Strategy

Building on Comparative and an International Innovation – Conference in Galway December 10th 2010 The Centre for Disability, Law and Policy held an international conference on National Disability Strategies in Ireland on 10th of December in the Radisson hotel in Galway.  This conference coincides with the UN Human Rights day which was adopted on the…

Dec 15, 2010, News

ENIL’s Newsletters review of the year for 2010

The European Network for Indepednent Living (ENIL) presents a newsletter every fortnight with information regarding events and uplifting stories on various issues and news happening throughout Europe.  Since January, the newsletters included a number of interesting profiles of people with disabilities about their lives and their work and contribution to the IL movement such as,…

Dec 15, 2010, News

10. december Mednarodni dan lovekovih pravic

SPOROČILO ZA JAVNOST – 10. december Mednarodni dan človekovih pravic ENIL – Evropska mreža za neodvisno življenje poziva člane gibanja za neodvisno življenje in s tem celotno družbo, da naredi korak naprej pri obeleževanju 10. Decembra kot Mednarodnega dneva človekovih pravic. Ta dan je namenjen promociji človekovih pravic.   Aktivisti znotraj gibanja za neodvisno življenje…

Dec 15, 2010, News

Germano Tossi; ENIL member shares his thoughts on Independent Living

Germano Tosi, Italian Independent Living activist and member of ENIL and ENIL Italia would like to share with us his experience during the General Assembly. Regarding my first experience at the International level, I’m very proud to participate and know all the staff of people which have been working and fighting for a lot of…