Nov 15, 2010, Role Models

Meet Zora Brozina, from Zagreb (Croatia)

Ms. Zora Brozina, Association for the Promotion of Equal Opportunities from Zagreb, Croatia. –How and when have you discover or came to face with the Independent living movement? I have become aware of the ENIL Movement through APEO when you contacted us and told us about your movement. Then Mr. Danči Maraz contacted me to…

Nov 15, 2010, Disability Watchdog

Disability Watchdog: Locked up lives in Croatia

LOCKED UP LIVES – CROATIA – Report on the visit of the Chairman of DPI to Croatia in October 2010 Issue that was addressed: At the end of September Human Rights Watch (HRW) issued a report ‘Croatia Locked up lives’ on the situation of people in institutions in Croatia, with the report they were hoping…

Nov 15, 2010, News

Independent Living Centre in Slovakia

  Independent living center – Slovakia My name is Ľudmila Gričová, I am the director of the Independent living center in Slovakia. The independent living center (Centrum samostatného života, ILC) is a non-profit organization, following the philosophy of independent life. The ILC was founded by my husband Jaroslav and me in 1996 to exist along the Muscular…

Nov 09, 2010, News

6.4 Preparation of a Law on Personal Assistance in Slovenia

Disability watch dog – Preparation of the Law on Personal Assistance in Slovenia Issue that was addressed Preparation of the Law on PA in Slovenia, YHD reacted to the draft of the Law when it was put to public debate. Measurements taken: The draft of the Law was prepared at the end of March and…

Nov 08, 2010, News

All citizens have the right to vote

  ENIL – European Network on Independent Living demands the respect to the right to vote as a fundamental right of all EU citizens. The report from the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) published today the 8th of November shows that this is not the case as some Member States discriminate against persons with…

Nov 04, 2010, News

Importancia de la Asistencia Personal para la Vida Independiente

Buenas tardes a todas y a todos. Mi nombre es Javier Ruiz y soy otro miembro del Foro de Vida Independiente y Divertad. y voy a hablarles – tal como pone en el programa- de la “Importancia de la figura del Asistente personal para la Vida Independiente de las personas con Diversidad Funcional”.  Pero antes…

Nov 03, 2010, News

Instituto de Paz, Derechos Humanos y Vida Independiente – IPADEVI

El día 21 de Septiembre de este año, día Internacional de la Paz, ENIL anunció su apoyo y adhesión a la campaña internacional de la UNESCO llamada; Declaración Mundial de contribución de las Personas con Diversidad Funcional (Discapacidad) a una Cultura de Paz.   Por ello es un placer informaros sobre la creación de la…

Nov 03, 2010, News

Institute of Peace, Human Rights and Independent Living – IPADEVI

  On the International Day of Peace, 21st of September, ENIL supported the UNESCO’s initiative and campaign called: World Declaration for the contribution of people with functional diversity (disability) to a Culture of Peace. It is a pleasure to announce that a new entity called Institute for Peace, Human Rights and Independent Living – IPADEVI…

Aug 25, 2010, Role Models


Name: SVEN KÕLLAMETS Organization: NGO HÄNDIKÄPP The conference or other activity you are attending: IL-TRAINING Why your willingness to attend this ENIL activity: I am very interested and motivated to participate in this event, because I really need the background information from other countries (theoretical and practical aspects and legislation) concerning independent living. During the…

Aug 13, 2010, Role Models

Incontra Raffaello Belli, (Italia)

  Ho una laurea in Scienze Politiche con unatesi sulla vita indipendente, che ricevette il massimo dei voti.   Lavoroin uno dei principali istituti italiani di ricerca nel campo dellematerie giuridiche e gestisco un sito internet su diritto e disabilità. con migliaia di documenti. Ho anche scritto relazioni e libri sempre su diritto e disabilità….

Aug 12, 2010, Role Models

Meet Raffaello Belli, (Italy)

I have a university degree in political sciences with a thesis on Independent Living, which I liked very much. I work in a main nationalsearch institute on legal sciences and I run a website on law and disability with thousands of documents. I have also written papers and books on law and disability. What is…

May 17, 2010, Disability Watchdog

Disability Watchdog: DART System Dublin, Ireland

Case: The Dart system in Dublin, Ireland and assured accessibility. Measure: CIL Dublin wrote a letter of submission August 2010 to express the view of the IL movement and the need of accessibility in the transport system. Click on the link below to download the letter submitted to the DART underground system Submission Dart Results:…

May 12, 2010, Role Models

Meet Antonio Centeno, from Barcelona (Spain)

I am 38 years old. I have a degree in Maths and I have been working as a teacher in secondary education. I dedicate my time and energy to social activism (Independent Living Movement) and political movement (ICV). Since 2006 I have participated together with 7 other people in a pilot project of self managed…

May 12, 2010, Role Models

Meet Damjan Tatic, from Belgrade (Serbia)

damjan tatic What is your personal experience of disability? I have been a wheelchair user since the age of 10. I have been actively involved in Serbia’s disability movement since 1993, first in the Muscular Dystrophy Association as leader of the Youth Group, then as one of the founders of CIL Serbia in 1996 and…

May 12, 2010, Role Models

Meet Jelena Milosevic, from Belgrade (Serbia)

  I am 30 years old and I graduated from the University of Belgrade (the Faculty of Philology, the Department for English language and literature) in 2002. I live with my parents in Belgrade, my home-town. As a freelance translator I have worked for many companies and organizations, including organizations of persons with disabilities. In…

May 04, 2010, Role Models

Meet Javier Romañach, from Madrid (Spain)

  Javier Romañach My name is Javier Romañach Cabrero, I’m a 47 year old computer scientist and social activist. I was born in Spain, in Manresa, a small town not far from Barcelona, but I’ve lived in Madrid most of my life. I’m single and live in an apartment on my own, where I am…

Apr 25, 2010, News

Bad Practice

6.3 Solcom Press Release 6.2 Report Baka Luka Misdirection of funds in Bulgaria Need to change PA law in Spain Media harrasment of Nuria Gómez Independent Living activist in Spain Small Institutions are still institutions

Apr 18, 2010, News

ENIL West Regional Team Member Organizations

  Association Gré à Gré 38 rue René-Yves Creston, 35200 Rennes, France Tel: +33 6 06 41 10 35 Email: Webpage: BIZEPS – Zentrum für Selbstbestimmtes Leben Kaiserstrasse 55/3/4a, 1070 Wien, Austria Tel: +43 523 89 21 Fax: +43 523 89 21 20 Email: Webpage: Center for Independent Living, Carmichael House…