Role Models

Apr 27, 2017,

Martin Naughton – Independent Living Hero

In the coming months, up to ENIL 2017 Freedom Drive, the ENIL monthly newsletter will highlight the great individuals who have committed their lives to advocating for Independent Living. This month’s publication we celebrate the life and work of Martin Naughton.

Oct 12, 2016,

Eye-Opening ENIL Internship

Kristina Dudonyte, a 27-year-old independent living activist from Lithuania and a member of the ENIL Youth Network, has recently finished her internship at ENIL and shares her impressions in this article.

Jun 30, 2016,

ENIL Interviews Kalle Konkkola

This month, the Independent Living movement achieved a great victory – Finland ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons wih Disabilities (CRPD) and its Optional Protocol. ENIL interviewed Kalle Konkkola, one of the founders of ‘KYNNYS: THE THRESHOLD ASSOCIATION’ – the Finnish Independent Living organisation.

May 11, 2016,

Kristina Dūdonytė Has a Winning Streak!

Kristina Dūdonytė’s study visit to increase her knowledge on Independent Living received funding from the Bentes Skansgårds Independent Living fund.

Feb 29, 2016,

Gisele Caumont at the ENIL Hall of Fame

Six years ago ENIL published an interview with one of the strongest Independent Living activists in Europe – Gisele Caumont (available here). Recently she wrote a letter of outrage instigated by an interview with Nicolas Sarkozy on 6th February. Today we present you with the story of her life now…

Feb 12, 2016,

Good Practices Flow in Vienna Now!

The Zero Project 2016 conference happened. In Vienna, February 10th – 12th, the Zero Project 2016 Conference with over 500 persons had a flowing energy with networking at a high.

Dec 04, 2015,

Recap of 3rd December – Europe And Beyond

On the day after the celebrations ENIL makes an overview of the numerous and exciting events that happened throughout Europe. The list of events below is by no means exhaustive, it only gives a flavour of the tremendous excitement that could be felt thanks to all independent living and human rights activist!

Jul 17, 2015,

A Role Model – James Elder Woodward

On the 26th June 2015 the Chancellor of the University of Glasgow conferred the honorary degree of Doctor of the University on James Elder Woodward OBE.

Jun 16, 2015,

Dare Dreaming, Thinking and Living ‘BIG’!

ENIL congratulates Dilyana Deneva, ENIL Youth Coordinator, for her recent graduation from The Open University in the UK. Dilyana obtained her bachelor’s degree in psychology. Open University is the largest British university offering distance learning and is renowned for its large number of disabled students. Dilyana’s personal experience of studying distantly is given below.

Dec 16, 2014,

Role Model: Amela Velic

Amela Velic from Sarajevo had an accident in the summer of 2000 at a swimming pool. She was diving and hit her head on the ground which left her paralyzed from the neck down. Amela was then 17 years old and was working as a waitress, a job she held during her school holidays. “At…

Dec 16, 2014,

Role Model: Jennifer Doherty

My name is Jennifer Doherty. I’m from Donegal in Ireland, and I’m 28 years old. I enjoy listening to music and going to concerts, walking my dogs, spending time with friends, and generally just keeping busy What is your personal experience of disability? I was born eleven weeks premature, and lost my sight as a…

Nov 26, 2014,

Role Model: Zumreta Galijasevic

This months Role Model is Zumreta Galijasevic from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Here, she tells us how she harnessed the strength within her to  purse her dreams and how she continues to stay motivated in this pursuit. My name is Zumreta and I’m from Bosnia and Herzegovina. When I was three, I got diabetes. As I…

Nov 25, 2014,

Role Model: Alba Gonzalez

Alba Gonzalez is from Spain and is our newest Role Model. Alba also spoke this month, at the ENIL Roundtable on Personal Assistance held in the European Parliament on the 18th November 2014. At this event she spoke about her experience of living and working in a different member state. In this interview, she tells…