ENIL Youth Network has the following objectives:

• To give an opportunity to young disabled people to identify areas/issues which ENIL should be focusing on and which are of particular relevance to young people in different European countries;

• To provide a forum for young people to share information and ideas;

• To strengthen the leadership skills of young people within the Independent Living movement;

• To give an opportunity to young people active in the Independent Living movement to act as role models to their peers;

• To give an opportunity to young people to represent ENIL at different meetings and events;

• To improve participation of young people in ENIL’s activities, especially the Freedom Drive;

• To improve representation of young people on the Board of ENIL;

• To increase the number of young members with ENIL;

• To ensure that the way ENIL communicates responds to what young people want

Although ENIL Youth Network is still a young organisation, a range of diverse activities has been planned, and part of this plan has already been implemented. More information about our past events can be found under the ‘Activities’ section.