ENIL Study Session 2016

The European Network on Independent Living (ENIL), in cooperation with the Council of Europe, is organising the Study Session “Supporting Young Disabled People to Explore Sexuality and Relationships as Integral to their Social Inclusion and Independent Living”.

The one-week study session is taking place at the Council of Europe Youth Centre in Strasbourg from 17th until 24th April 2016, with the purpose of providing young disabled people with a safe space to explore how sexuality and relationships relate to social inclusion and supporting them in advocating for sexual rights in their countries and at European level. Participants will have an opportunity to gain a better understanding of intersection between disability and sexuality, and acquire skills to promote the rights of other young disabled people from their country. The session will be delivered by a group of young disabled people from the UK, Greece, Slovenia, Serbia and Bulgaria with experience in working with young people in their countries and internationally.

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