ENIL Study visit on deinstitutionalisation

ENIL, in cooperation with STIL (the Stockholm Independent Living Co-operative) and CIL Sofia, is organising a study visit on deinstitutionalisation on 5 – 10 September 2016. The study visit has the following objectives:

  • To share information about the process of deinstitutionalisation and lessons learned from Sweden;
  • To demonstrate what type of services support Independent Living in practice and how they are funded;
  • To demonstrate how to ensure access of disabled people to all the services they require.

The study visit will consist of presentations and visits to individuals and organisations responsible for policy development and implementation, planning and delivery of services, equality bodies, employment issues, technical aids, social housing, as well as NGOs active in these areas.

The study is targeted at a group of local authorities and service providers from Bulgaria, supported by a project of CIL Sofia. Other interested participants from Central and Eastern Europe may contact jamie.bolling@enil.eu for further information and possibility to take part (please note that ENIL is unable to cover travel or accommodation costs).

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