Bente Skansgårds Independent Living Fond

Bente Skansgårds Independent Living Fond

In May ENIL proudly announced a great initiative of ULOBA – the establishment of the foundation ‘Bente Skansgård Independent Living Fond’. The object of the foundation is to strengthen the global Independent Living movement. It is aimed at increasing the knowledge about the Independent Living movement by providing financial support for the exchange of experience and competence between disabled people.

Disabled people can now apply for a grant to support projects or activities founded on the Independent Living philosophy and linked to travel, education, training, research, equality work and networking.

Funds will be awarded to successful applicants once a year – on Bente’s birthday 9th May – starting in 2016. Deadline for the first applications has been set to 9th February 2016.

There is an English webpage which explains the intent behind the fund, who is eligible to apply and how to make an application.

ENIL thanks ULOBA for this great initiative – a way to strengthen our movement.

Photo: Bente Skansgård

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