Breaking Boundaries: European Road Trip

Breaking Boundaries: European Road Trip

Cor Van Damme is a 27 year old young man from Belgium. He is very active in the Flemish CIL Onafhankelijk Leven. This Saturday, the 25th August 2012, he will set out on a road trip across Europe covering more than 12, 000 Kilometres and travelling through nearly 20 countries.

Cor was eight years old when it was discovered he had muscular dystrophy. His mission for this road trip is to spread a positive message for people with disabilities throughout Europe. He will drive around Europe using his electric wheelchair and adapted van. Accompanying him on this road trip will be his personal assistant and friend, Dankwart and together they will travel approximately 300km a day over a period of a few months.

On this road trip Cor wants to do two things. Firstly, he wants to show the world how free a person with a severe disability can be if they get the right support.  Secondly, along the way he wants to meet with other young people with disabilities, exchange experiences and give them a platform so that they can tell the world who they are and how they live. Cor wants to collect stories of young people with disabilities and their lives and put these stories up on his website. He hopes to meet as many people with disabilities in different European countries and show the world that a restriction does not prevent you from doing what you want to do.

Cor is part of the new generation who is pushing forward and breaking new boundaries, building on the achievements of his predecessors who fought for the improvements in the lives of people with disabilities.  Cor wants to show that with the advancement in technology and support of government that people with disabilities can do just about anything.

Cor wishes to meet as many people with disabilities and organisations as possible throughout his trip. We encourage everyone to come out and support Cor on his road trip. He will be making a number of stops in European cities over the next few months.

You can support Cor in many ways. Invite him for dinner or offer him your guest room or couch for the night as an alternative to sleeping in his van. Let him use your shower or washing machine. Give him a guided tour in your hometown or organise a meeting with him in your local CIL or disabled people’s organization. If you know local journalists you can get them in contact with Cor for an interview or you can write about his project on your blog, in your newsletter or on social media. You can also contribute by donating some money to cover Cor’s fuel expenses (Account Name :Cor Van Damme/Breaking Boundaries; IBAN: BE07 0016 7275 2266; Swift Code: GEBABEBB ).

If you would like to see the full route of Cor’s European road trip please click here. Cor will adapt his route to facilitate meeting as many disabled young Europeans as possible. So you can contact him with any proposal even if you are not directly on his provisional route.

You can find more information about Breaking Boundaries and follow Cor’s adventures on the road on the website here or on the facebook page here

To contact Cor Van Damme:

Mobile phone: +32 499 356 759


Cor on Belgian prime time television :

Cor in Belgian newspapers :



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Jamie Bolling

August 26, 2012, 8:06 am

I will be routing for you Cor and a safe journey. A great initiative! We hope the movement meets you with open arms!

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