Candidates for the New ENIL Youth Network Board

Candidates for the New ENIL Youth Network Board

Last Friday was the deadline for the ENIL Youth Network members to nominate themselves for the new ENIL Youth Network Board, which will be elected during the ENIL 2017 Freedom Drive in Brussels this September.

Eleven people applied and you will get the chance to know them in this article, so that you can make an informed decision when you vote.

How can you vote?

Voting for the Youth Board will take place in two ways:

1) Online – for those who cannot attend the ENIL Freedom Drive

From 1st August until 8th September you can send an email to stating the name of the candidate you would like to vote for. Valid votes will be those coming from Full Individual Members of the ENIL Youth Network (not to be confused with membership in the Youth Network Facebook group), from the email address registered when applying for ENIL membership. Full Membership of the ENIL Youth Network can be obtained by disabled people, who are 35-year-old or under and live in one of the Council of Europe Member States. You can apply for ENIL membership here.

2) During ENIL 2017 Freedom Drive

Voting will also take place in Brussels on 26th September, 13:00h-15:00h. If you have voted online, you cannot vote at the Freedom Drive.

The new ENIL Youth Network Board will be announced at the Freedom Drive.

Candidates for the new Youth Board

(Presented in alphabetical order. Please click on the names, to find out more about each of the candidates.)

Andrey Sosnov (Russia), 31 years

Beyza Unal (Turkey), 30 years

Glenn Connings (Belgium), 27 years

Holly Scott-Gardner (UK), 23 years

Jack Welch (UK), 24 years

Kamil Goungor (Greece), 29 years

Maddalena Botta (Italy), 34 years

Marijeta Mojasevic (Montenegro), 28 years

Rados Keravica (Serbia), 31 years

Rebecca Farren (UK), 24 years

Stephanie Skeffington (Ireland), 32 years


If you have any questions, send an email to Dilyana Deneva at

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