ENIL Campaigns: Stop the Difference update by Debbie Jolly

 The Stop the Difference campaign for personal assistance was launched by ENIL in March 2009 with over 39 supporting organisations, and many translators working in their free time towards the cause. The campaign raised over 4,000 signatures on the web and on paper in under five months – almost 1,000 signatures a month! ENIL member organisation YHD worked especially hard in gaining over 2,000 signatures in Slovenia alone. Signatures were presented to the European parliament representatives at Strasburg during the 2009 ENIL Freedom drive in mid September. ENIL thanks everyone who helped us to do that!

The campaign is not over; it continues and we still need your signatures. ENIL wants to present more signatures to the European Parliament at the 2011 Freedom Drive to show how important personal assistance is for disabled people everywhere; how important it is to stop the difference in the living conditions of disabled people; to campaign for those in institutions and those dependent on elderly relatives. Article 19 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with a Disability says that all must have personal assistance – this is still not happening.

Since the campaign many changes have happened in moving towards personal assistance laws, changes have happened in ENIL’s successful lobbying of key people in the European Parliament to keep these issues at the top of the agenda – but we cannot rest easy until article 19 becomes a reality for every disabled person that wants personal assistance.

Personal assistance must become a legal right and must not be means tested

We urge governments and the European Parliament to:

  • Act now: Stop inequalities, Stop segregation
  • Human rights for all
  • Personal assistance for all
  • Make article 19 of the UN Convention a reality
  • Start consulting with organizations run and controlled by disabled people with experience in independent living.

Help spread the awareness by publicizing the Stop the Difference campaign in your newsletters and on your websites – contact ENIL for further support or with your comments: secretariat@enil.eu

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