ENIL Launch 2014 Election Toolkit

ENIL Launch 2014 Election Toolkit

ENIL recognises the importance and influence that European politics can have on the lives of disabled people. In May 2014, 751 Members of the European Parliament will be elected to the European Parliament. The European Parliament is the only directly elected European institution allowing European citizens to influence the direction of European Union. In this election period it is crucial that potential Members of the European Parliament understand and are aware of the importance of independent living and disability related issues. The European Parliament elections in May 2014 offer all citizens a chance to have their voices heard and to vote for Members of the European Parliament who will make changes that impact positively on the lives of disabled citizens in Europe.

The ENIL Election Toolkit has been created to outline the importance of voting in the European Elections in May 2014 and to support you in how to identify voting for a candidate that aligns with the independent living philosophy. We encourage our members to be as active as possible in this campaigning period, the voice of every disabled person in Europe must be heard and counted!

It is up to each one of us to raise the awareness of independent living among European policy makers and become active European citizens. We need to send a strong message that disabled people are not willing to be passive citizens but are active and fully participating members of society. The power of disabled people who are champions of the independent living movement cannot be underestimated!

We hope that the toolkit supports you to engage with potential Members of the European Parliament and to play an active role in the European 2014 Parliament Elections.

Download the ENIL Election Toolkit now!

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Victor Martin J Hunt

May 17, 2014, 1:01 am

I support your organisation in bringing forward the resolution of article 10. Unfortunately I tried to copy Item or article 10 without success. Could you pls supply that to me as1pp to circulate to others in the UK.
VM Hunt

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