ENIL launch Myth Buster on Independent Living!

ENIL launch Myth Buster on Independent Living!

The Myth Buster on Independent Living deals with some of the most common misconceptions about disabled people, independent living and personal assistance. They have been selected by our staff and members, based on their lived experience, and have been inspired by our work with policy and decision makers at the European, national and local level.

We decided to publish this Myth Buster, in order to raise awareness about independent living and how it can be made a reality for all disabled people

Most of all, ENIL wanted to address the various myths and misconceptions around independent living, because of which what is sometimes referred to as ‘independent living’ is still a form of institution. ENIL hopes that this publication will contribute to a better understanding of the right to live independently in the community, as set out in Article 19 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

This publication is aimed at anyone who would like to learn more about independent living, as explained by disabled people active in the independent living movement.

Please click here to download your copy!

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