ENIL Mobility Survey

ENIL Mobility Survey

ENIL is currently researching the barriers faced by disabled people when wanting to move or study in another EU Member State. We aim to collect data from as many disabled people as possible who have experience in this field and are willing to share it. Therefore, we prepared a short survey of 14 questions, which we kindly ask you to complete and disseminate in your network! This will help us immensely in our efforts and will contribute to the final report which is going to be presented in front of the European Commission and the European Parliament, giving information needed to establish what actions to propose in the second term of the Disability Strategy, and highlight how important it is for the Member States to work together to identify solutions.

Please, fill in the survey by 20th September and send it back to Dilyana Deneva at: dilyana.deneva@enil.eu

And please share it among your contacts!

The survey can be downloaded from here (also available in French).

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