ENIL participate at Conference on Independent Living in San Marino!

ENIL participate at Conference on Independent Living in San Marino!

The San Marino association for disabled people called Attiva-Mente lead by Mirko Tomassoni invited ENIL to participate in the San Marino Conference for December 3rd as it was International Disability Day. On December 4th the same group of international speakers from the conference met with the Captain Regents. The topic for the two days was Independent Living. Speakers from ENIL were: Jamie Bolling – the Executive Director, Dilyana Deneva the Southern Regional Coordinator, Germano Tosi from the ENIL Board and actual chair of ENIL Italia as well as Ingrid Heindorf representing and presenting Project Zero at the two events.

This conference was the first time Independent Living was introduced formally in San Marino. ENIL as the main guest was able to raise awareness of Independent Living among disabled people, DPOs as well as with politicians, social workers and other stakeholders in San Marino in the field of disability. Mirko Tomassoni had the idea of inviting ENIL representatives after a study visit to the CIL Sofia in September 2013. During this visit Mirko met with Bulgarian politicians and young disabled people living in an institution. He also joined the traditional Independent Living March of disability activists in Sofia.

The conference on December 3rd was well attended. It was a day for celebration and a day used to raise awareness of Independent Living. Opening the conference among others was Bianca Caruso from the San Marino board of social security speaking on the high level of awareness of San Marino on the situation of disabled people. Jamie Bolling introduced ENIL, the work ENIL does and spoke on disability and democracy and the importance of full participation of all citizens. Dilyana Deneva from the CIL in Sofia spoke on mobilizing youth. Germano Tosi from ENIL Italia presented the situation of personal assistance in Italy.

Carlo Romeo the General Director of the RTV spoke on Media and Diversity. Ingrid Heindorf presented Project Zero and examples of the policy and projects chosen for the next year’s report on Independent Living. There were several examples coming from the ENIL network! The day was full of cultural contributions including a slide show on the Proiezione della Mostra Fotografica “Nulla su di noi senza di noi! – Appunti per immagini” realized by FISH – Federazione Italiana per il Superamento dell’Handicap.

The Captain Regents received the international guests along with the San Marino Education Minister and the President of FISH, the Italian Disability Platform, the following day. The situation of education and Independent Living were the main focus.

Attiva-Mente was a fantastic host inviting guests to tour the beautiful government palace and museums in the entourage. Many thanks to Mirko Tomassoni a former member of the San Marino parliament and the founder of Attiva-Mente! http://www.attiva-mente.org/

The website on the event: www.3dicembresm.info

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January 20, 2015, 8:36 pm

Many thanks to Mirko for the perfect organization and now we’ll looking forward for a start IL issues on San Marino…:-)

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