Farewell to Peter Lambreghts

Farewell to Peter Lambreghts

Peter, we are so sad and will miss you immensely. You are our irreplaceable colleague, role model and fellow activist. We will continue our fight for Independent Living in an inclusive society with you vividly in our spirit.

The passing of Peter Lambreghts has left ENIL and people across the world in shock. Condolences have already come in to his family and friends from many different countries. This is heart warming and appreciated in this time of sorrow.

Peter became a role model for many disabled people, showing that despite his poor bodily functions he was Strong, Proud and Visible. He contributed in putting Independent Living high on many agendas, both nationally and internationally.

As the ENIL Senior Officer, Peter met daily Members of the European Parliament, European organizations and other important stakeholders in his and our fight to promote Independent Living.

Peter represented ENIL as a board member of the European Disability Forum and in much work carried out by other European organizations. He was one of the founders of the Alliance Against the Cuts in the fight against poverty of disabled people. As a co-chair of the European Expert Group on the Transition from Institutional to Community Based Care Peter was assisting in the challenge to close institutions across Europe so that disabled people can live at home in their families. Peter worked alongside with many of us through the ENIL Freedom Drive, the European International Day for Independent Living – May 5th, in meetings with the UN CRPD Committee and so much more. Peter how do we replace you?

The farewell to Peter:

People are invited to say goodbye to Peter together with family and friends on Thursday, August 25, 2016 at 11:00h CET. There will be a civil service in the local church Sirnt-Jozef,  Heidestatieplein 2920 Heide (Kalmthout), located near the train station of Heide.

Peter’s family chooses to continue Peter’s lifework. Instead of flowers the family asks people to make contributions to Onafhankelijk Leven vzw – the Flemish Independent Living organization which Peter has been employed with. Please contact  the OL director Koen Depauw for details: koenraad.depauw@onafhankelijkleven.be

Thank you.

Peter’s colleagues from ENIL

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