Meet Nic Crosby – ENIL External Evaluator

Meet Nic Crosby – ENIL External Evaluator

Over the next three months, ENIL will be undergoing an external evaluation of its 3-year partnership agreement supported by the European Commission (2015 – 2017). After an open call, Nic Crosby, of GatherBuildWork consultancy in the UK, has been selected to carry out the evaluation. Below is Nic’s introduction and a presentation of the work he will be doing, and which will require input from our staff, Board, members and partner organisations. We thank everyone in advance for their cooperation.

“I am really looking forward to working with you all at the European Network on Independent Living over the coming months.

I have been asked to carry out an external evaluation of work over the past 3 years (2015-2017) funded through the European Commission. I will be sending out a survey to many of you and it would be really helpful if you can spare a few minutes to complete it and send it back. I will also be carrying out a number of interviews and working through all the reports, action plans and papers produced by ENIL over the past 3 years. The final report is due in the middle of September and I will be discussing with the ENIL Board and others before it goes public. I am hoping to meet many of you at the Freedom Drive in September.

If you have any queries about the external evaluation or would like to share some thoughts about ENIL’s work in your country then it would best if you can email Ines Bulic ( at ENIL and myself –

GatherBuildWork is built around three simple actions: Gather strength (between us all we’ve enough strength to change the world), Build vision (a shared vision including the voices of us all), and, Work together.
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