Not just five reindeer – over five hundred!

Not just five reindeer – over five hundred!

Summertime and vacation – for me this means getting out in  nature. Last year I bought a bead ( in order to make this possible. The BEAD has meant freedom allowing me with my wheelchair to ride the streets and this year the trails in the north of Jämtland and in Norway.

Together with friends and my husband, Sverker, we travelled to Blåjön ( Big Blue Lake). This is a beautiful corner of our world. The lake is vast,  blue and clean! On the shore of the Lejarälven which runs into Blåsjän is the village of Ankarede a Sami church village which trails leaders off to the wilderness.

The Sami church villages are places for gathering during festivities like the midsummer. The trials witness the history of the villages leading off into the mountains where the Sami have herded their reindeer. The lakes and rivers have been the fishing territories for many a moon as the American Indians would say!

Not far from Blåsjön lies Stekenjok. This mountain plateau lies in the county of Vilhelmina and is the gathering place for the reindeer. I went hoping to see five or so deer but was surprised by seeing between five hundred and a thousand even if they were off in the distance!!!

Accessibility is often the biggest hinder we have in being active. It was great to see that my trip was made possible as the hotel and the village of Ankarede had a ramp and accessible toilet. The restaurant had an accessible entrance and great food. The plateau of Stekenjokk has a boom to keep out unwanted traffic. We had to use the screwdriver to hold the handlebar of the BEAD to allow it to pass under the boom.

The best part of the wilderness is the open fire to cook the coffee! Sverker had been a scout so with one match he had the fire going in five minutes!

Jämtland is not close for anyone excepting those who live there but is to be recommended for a trip!

Jamie Bolling-August 2012



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