Press release: ‘A path to finding luck – the story of a disabled young man’

Danijel Spasojević

Ljubljana, 31.1.2012

Daniel Spasojević is a 26 year old man. When he was 12 years old he was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. Until recently he lived with his mother in an apartment in Celje where his mother assumed the role of family carer. This means that she provided assistance to him 24 hours a day in return for a minimal income.  For this Daniel could not be more grateful to his mother, as he recognises that without her he could not have obtained everything he has today.

Daniel is a formidable artist. Despite the difficulties of his health condition, Daniel has also had to overcome financial restraints to ensure he has at least the minimum funds needed to finish his projects successfully.

You can see for yourself his video creations from films such as ‘This Is Him’, to the animated YouTube hit: ‘I feel crazy in Slovenia’ which has recorded more than 87,000 hits. Besides being creative he also keeps himself up to date with current affairs, reads books and is active in a number of different humanitarian causes.

Daniel’s life has recently had to change dramatically since his mother is serious ill. Daniel is hoping of course that she will get better, but at the same time he realizes that even if she does recover, she will no longer be able to provide assistance for him. He therefore needs to find a solution for his own and his mother’s sake. At the moment he is staying in the Rehabilitation Institute in Ljubljana, where he can stay for another couple of days

In order to resolve his problem Daniel first turned to the Association of Muscular Dystrophy of Slovenia, of which he is a longtime member. The Association owns several apartments in Ljubljana and a housing community in Izola, which are intended to provide residential accommodation for its members, enabling them to enjoy autonomous and independent living. Alongside the accommodation the Association also runs support programmes for people with Muscular Dystrophy, heavily financed by a number of public funds, but most substantially by the FIHO Foundation (Foundation for Financing Disability and Humanitarian organisations). Daniel also needs personal assistance or support from a third party. Unfortunately, the Association for Muscular Dystrophy have responded that they cannot meet this need. This has caused Daniel great frustration and deepening distress, because he cannot understand why they are not prepared to give support in this way.

Daniel wants to live with the hope of finding suitable accommodation and support to enable him to live a full, independent and active life. He is a young man with his whole life ahead; he has many plans and ambitions. Daniel has a sparkling open-mind, and he wants to live a normal and successful life in spite of the barriers he faces as a disabled person.

Let us wish Daniel all the best but more than that let us help him to find a suitable place to live and be creative. We appeal to the media for help to find an appropriate solution, and ultimately to put pressure on the responsible authorities to take appropriate action.

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