Sing along with the Freedom Drive Anthem!

Sing along with the Freedom Drive Anthem!

After months of fundraising and preparation the Belgian Freedom Drivers came up with an excellent idea. Let’s celebrate 10 years of Freedom Drive with a special anthem, a song that we can sing together. After all the reason we travel all the way to the European Parliament in Strasbourg is to have our voices to be heard, isn’t it? This Freedom Drive Anthem needs to be a marching song, a battle chant that gives us strength in our joint fight for Independent Living.

The song “Do you hear the people sing?” from the musical Les Misérables is such an anthem. It only needed a little adaptation to be completely applicable for our purpose. It has the right rhythm and exactly the perfect combination of anger, hope, revolt and power to be used for this occasion. Of course the Belgian Freedom Drivers and ENIL wants to sing the Freedom Drive Anthem with as many voices together as possible. So we call on all the participants from all over Europe to sing along. Please take some time to practice. Sing the lyrics by yourself or with some fellow Freedom Drivers. The YouTube link is very helpful and inspiring!

Our goal is that we sing our own Freedom Drive Anthem all together before, during and at the end of our march up to the EU Parliament. We would also really appreciate everybody who has a drum, tambourine, flute or any other instrument that he/she can take along, to provide for some musical reinforcement. We hope we can count on your enthusiasm and contribution!

Do you hear the people sing ……

Click to download the lyrics and the music sheets

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sun-wha Kim

September 16, 2013, 2:38 pm

I support freedom drive 2013 and i hope the change in korea society.
Fighting ENIL~~!!!

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