TED Talk: “Sue Austin, Deep Sea Diving….in a wheelchair”

TED Talk: “Sue Austin, Deep Sea Diving….in a wheelchair”

TED ( Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a global set of conferences formed to disseminate “ideas worth spreading”.

On the 8th January 2013, TED published a truly inspiring video “Sue Austin, Deep Sea Diving…..in a wheelchair”. Sue Austin gave a TED talk about a video “Creating the Spectacle” she had made. She spoke about how the idea for this video came about, the inspiration behind the video and what she hoped to convey with the video at a TEDxWomen conference in December.

During this talk Austin speaks about when she started using a wheelchair 16 years ago, she found tremendous new freedom, however she began to notice that people started to treat her differently. She decided to make her own stories about her experience and through her art she challenges the traditional notion of disability and shares the joy she feels experiencing the world from her chair.

In 2009 , she created a series called “Traces from a wheelchair” by using paint on the wheels on her chair to create loops on large sheets of paper and on the ground in front of the gallery where the exhibit was being held. This work eventually lead to her work in using the wheelchair to explore under water. She began by building an underwater wheelchair. Austin brought this underwater wheelchair into the ocean and into the swimming pool. Austin, together with a creative and technical team filmed her time in the water and the video “Creating the Spectacle” was made in six days with amazing results.

To view this inspiring video please visit the TED website by clicking here. 

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