Young Disabled Leaders Promote Independent Living in Montenegro

Young Disabled Leaders Promote Independent Living in Montenegro

ENIL is happy to present six great short videos about Independent Living created by our member organization Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro (AYDM). In this article you can read about AYDM – how they were established, what they do now and what their future plans are. Of course, you can also watch the six videos with English subtitles and spread them in your networks. If you get inspired by this idea and decide to create your own Independent Living videos, don’t forget to share them with ENIL!

About AYDM

Fifteen years ago, in October 2001, the Association of Students with Disabilities – Belgrade held the First International Conference of Disabled Students. Participants were representatives of twelve European and non-European countries. The main goal of the conference was to create an international network of organizations which are dealing with youth and students with disabilities. Montenegro was represented by students of final years of the Law Faculty in Podgorica. A necessity for the establishment of organizations of students with disabilities was pointed out. Therefore, with the support of the Association of Students – Belgrade, AYDM was established. Gradually, more and more disabled students joined the newly formed organization and its work soon expanded with the inclusion of topics like employment, improvement of accessibility and more.

Today, AYDM’s mission is to promote equal rights of youth with disabilities in society through activities and initiatives for establishing a legal, educational, cultural and social framework that enables it. AYDM’s vision is for youth with disabilities, without barriers!

AYDM’s activities are implemented through the following programs:

  • Program for Independent Living
  • Program for education
  • Program for employment and development of human resources
  • Legal program and antidiscrimination
  • Program for accessibility
  • Program for international cooperation

Jelena Mrdac, position at AYDM, shared with ENIL the six Independent Living videos and how they were created:

In framework of the Project “Freedom of choice”, implemented in partnership with the Center for Multimedia Production – CEZAM, we developed a campaign entitled “To really live” whose intention was to raise awareness about the Independent Living and its meaning for disabled people, as well as for society in general. In order to do so, we produced and aired 6 video teasers. Actors were three disabled and three non-disabled persons (public figures) who have read short messages on the meaning of the principles of the Independent Living philosophy.

As a part of the project we also produced a documentary with the same title as the campaign.The main character was Goran Macanović, a person with a visual impairment who lives independently and whose story can be motivation for other persons with disabilities to become more independent. The documentary got really popular and it has already been shown to the wider public at regional film festivals in Novi Sad (SRB), Rijeka (CRO) and Banja Luka (BiH).”

You can watch the videos from the following links:

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

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