What is Landsailing?

A sailkart is a vehicle designed for leisure or sport, only moved by the force of the wind against a sail. It usually has three points of support on the floor where wheels or ice skates are set. Sail can be of fabric, rigid or semirigid. It is provided of a compartment for the driver from where he steers through pedals or a wheel and handles the sail through booms with tackles. To sum up, it works in a similar way than a sail boat, able to reach amazing speeds.

Landsailing is, above all, a sport as surprising, passionate and energetic as unknown, possible to do thanks to Eolic Energy. It is a lively and powerful sport and a surprising, appealing and an incredible sensation of freedom as well. It was wonderful I could live another pleasant experience of independence. A political agreement to promote any kind of adapted sport would be advisable, in order to make possible the spreading of the adapted sport.

Jose A. Lopez

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Good example: Bike rental for disabled people in Spain

Trycicle for disabled people in Gandia, Spain

Trycicle for disabled people in Gandia, Spain

The city of Gandia (www.gandia.org) a seaside touristic place not so far away from Valencia, Spain in collaboration with a disabled employer (by the way he is a Paralympic sportsman) has set up a bike rental service (labici.gandia.org) with a unique feature: it Iicludes the possibility of renting a tricycle specially designed for people with physical disabilities. At the moment they only have four units, but they expecting increase the number to a total of 39 which would mean one of bike at each rental point . The only drawback that we can remark is the fact that, unlike the other bikes, they will be stored at night. But we welcome the initiative and we hope it is only the first of many.

You can reach Gandía using the accessible train service from Valencia, Alicante, Madrid and Barcelona. The only requirement to apply for the assistance to get on and off the trains is to request it 12 hours before your travel, because it is a small station and it has no permanent assistance.

Accesible sports: European Surf Week in Belgium for disabled people

Participants on surfboard during the European Surfweek 2010 Belgium

European Surf Week 2010

Recreas a Belgian sports organization for disabled people organizes each year the European Surf week for people with reduced mobility and with sensorial disability. This year the event will take place at BLOSO- sports centre in Hazewinkel, Willebroek, August 21st-27th.

The main purpose of this week is to teach participants the basics of surf. From Monday to Thursday participants will enjoy classes and on Friday a surf contest will take place. Every participant will have their own assistant to help them during their stay.

The price per person is 450€ but you can also participate for free.The organization has an agreement with the Belgian government who will invite and pay for the accommodation and course expenses of 1 participant from an EU country, except Belgium. (Maximum number of scholarships 15) This means that you can have a chance to enjoy a free stay in Belgium and learn surf! (more…)