ENIL has strong links with other organisations and institutions at European and national level. At European level, ENIL maintains regular contacts with other European organisations and initiatives working in the field of human rights, such as the European Disability Forum (EDF), the Academic Network of European Disability Experts (ANED), the EU Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA), the Council of Europe, the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and the Assembly of European Regions (AER).

ENIL is a member of EDF and the two organizations often exchange information and work together at the European level. A member of ENIL Board of Directors is a part of the network of disability experts and contributes to the research reports produced by ANED on various topics, such as disability legislation, social inclusion and social protection of disabled people, equality of education and training opportunities for young disabled people, employment of disabled people and other. ENIL’s Executive Director is a member of the Advisory Panel of FRA’s Fundamental Rights Platform (2010 – 2011, 2012 – 2013).

Since 2011, ENIL has had participatory status at the Council of Europe.

In the field of research, ENIL has developed contacts with several universities and is actively participating in a number of research networks. Among these are the University of Ireland, Galway (Center for Disability Law and Policy) and the University of Heidelberg.

ENIL works closely with a large number of local and national organisations to promote independent living.