Anna Hellgren (Sweden)

Anna Hellgren (Sweden)

My name is Anna Hallgren, I am 46 years old and from Kungsbacka (west coast) Sweden. I have a great interest in European IL issues.

Bachelor Degree Social work: Gothenburg University, Sweden
Bachelor Degree Sexual education: Gothenburg University, Sweden

Work Experience
Social worker at habilitation center: Region Halland
Social worker at habilitation center: Kalmar Landsting
Social worker/ counsellor: Härryda Kommun, Sweden
Supervisor: Härryda Kommun, Sweden
Head supervisor for children: Härryda Kommun
with disabilities ages 6-18 years
ahallgren: own company, coach, sex educator, inspirational speaker

Board member of GIL – Gothenburg Independent Living between the years 2006 – 2016.
Today member of GIL.

A bit about me:
I am a mother to a girl, Wilma Hallgren, who will turn 8 in July 2017. Both Wilma and I have a very rare muscle disease , Cap Myophaty. I come from a family who has been very involved in Swedish politics and also Swedish disability organisations. My mother was one of the members who was involved in the writing of the LSS law of Sweden.

I myself was ”fed up” with all disability work that my mother did and I really didn’t care when I was in the age between  20-30 years old. Later on in life when my disability started to become worse and I needed a PA I realised it was very important to be able to have my own control of my way of living even though I needed help with a lot in life.

I joined GIL and very shortly after became a member of the GIL board.

It wasn’t until the birth of my daughter Wilma when I got even more and more involved in IL. I felt it was my duty and calling as a parent to work hard with disability issues in my country hoping for a better future for my daughter and the children in Sweden with disabilities and also for children all around the world.

My family and I (Wilma, Axel – Wilma’s father and I) are involved in an American – Canadian organization for people with disability.
In 2015 I walked the ADA parade in New York, USA and that was amazing.
In 2014 I was on my first Freedom drive and that was also amazing. I met a lot of nice hard working Europeans and most importantly I met EU politicians with whom I talked and tried to get the word out about IL.

Today I work as a sexual educator travelling around in Sweden. I also have been working with these issues in USA
I do education on human rights, disability rights and sexual rights for all people with or without disabilities.

Since I am a mother my biggest goal is to try to make a better world for her and other children with disabilities in Sweden, Europe and the rest of the world.

The main issues in which I am interested to work with in the IL movement are:

  • Children / youth rights to live a IL life
  • Sexual rights for disabled people
  • the right of being a parent with a disability