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Governing Structure
Board of Directors
Nominating Committee

Governing Structure

ENIL’s organisational structure is built around its General Assembly, which elects the Board every two years. The Board is responsible for implementation of the decisions made by the General Assembly through guiding the work of the ENIL Secretariat. For this purpose a Management Team operates comprised of the Executive Director, the Policy Officer and Projects Manager, and one of the Board members.

For the purposes of running ENIL Brussels Office in Belgium, a Board of Directors is in place. It is comprised of a chair and a co-chair and aims to ensure full transparency and balance in decision making.

The Nominating Committee is elected at the General Assembly and nominates individuals for election to the Board.

The function of the Advisory Board is to facilitate decision-making by offering their knowledge and experience when consulted by the ENIL Board. The Advisory board members are appointed by the General Assembly on the proposal of the ENIL Board.

The ENIL Secretariat is located in Brussels, which employs administrative, advocacy and project staff and hosts interns and volunteers. Other staff members are located in different countries, working distantly with the Brussels Office. There is one regional team (North Regional Team), working to develop and expand the Independent Living movement in Northern Europe.

Following Freedom Drive 2015, the ENIL Youth Network was formally established as a subgroup within ENIL. The ENIL Youth Network has its own constitution (agreed by the ENIL Board) and a team of six interim board members and one coordinator.

Diagrammatic representation, i.e. organigram of ENIL. At the top, in bold, is the “General Assembly”. There are three arrows pointing from it to three other ENIL organs. The first (left, labelled “elects”) connects to the “Nominating Board” which consists of 4 members. From this node, an arrow labelled “nominates candidates” points to the “Board of Directors” with 9 members. The second, perfectly vertical, arrow from the “General Assembly” is labelled “elects” and connects to the “Board of Directors”. The final arrow from General Assembly connects to the “Advisory board” with 7 members and is labelled “appoints”. There is a further arrow from the “Board of Directors” to the “Advisory Board” labelled as “1. Proposes members 2. Consults for decision making”. Thus, four of the five arrows described form a diamond, with the final arrow (connecting “general assembly” and “board of directors”) cutting it in half vertically. From the “Board of Directors”, a vertical arrow connects to the “Secretariat” (with office in Brussels) and is labelled “guides work”. This label itself is met by an arrow from a separate organ on the right hand side: the “Management Team” consisting of Ines Bulic, Jamie Bolling and Nadia Hadad. The connecting arrow is labelled as “Facilitates collaboration”, referring to the collaboration of the Board of Directors and the Secretariat.


ENIL Board Members

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  • Jamie Bolling (Co-chair, Sweden)

  • Nadia Hadad (Co-chair, Belgium)

  • Armen Alaverdyan (Armenia)

  • Michael Holden (United Kingdom)

  • Radoš Keravica (Serbia)

  • Jukka Kumpuvuori (Finland)

  • Suela Lala (Albania)

  • Vibeke Marøy Melstrøm (Norway)

  • Tess van Deynse (Belgium)

Nominating Committee

  • Miro Griffiths

    Miro Griffiths

  • Vanya Pandieva

  • Gregor Fajdiga

  • Mathilde Fuchs

ENIL Secretariat

Volunteers (Brussels Office )

Melike Ergun Yilmaz

Senior Advisor

Zara Todd (United Kingdom)


Policy Coordinator (full time) – Deadline to apply: 6 February 2022

Project Assistant (part time, 10 months) – Deadline to apply: 13 February 2022