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Governing structure

  • General Assembly: ENIL’s organisational structure is built around its General Assembly, which elects the Board. Every full member (organisational or individual) can vote in the General Assembly. Associate members can take part in the General Assembly, but cannot vote.

  • Board: The Board consists of nine members, all of whom are disabled people. The Board is responsible for implementation of the decisions made by the General Assembly through guiding the work of the ENIL Secretariat. For this purpose, a Management Team operates, comprised of the Director and two of the Board members. For the purpose of ensuring sound financial management and compliance with the law, an Audit Committee is also in place, composed of the Office Manager, two Board members and external experts.

  • Nominating Committee: The Nominating Committee is elected at the General Assembly. Its role is to announce the call for new Board members, verify nominations and put them forward to the General Assembly for election. There are four members of the Committee: Miro Griffiths (United Kingdom), Vanya Pandieva (Bulgaria), Gregor Fajdiga (Slovenia) and Mathilde Fuchs (France).

  • Advisory Board: The function of the Advisory Board is to facilitate decision-making by offering their knowledge and experience when consulted by the ENIL Board. The Advisory board members are appointed by the General Assembly on the proposal of the ENIL Board. They are Rafaello Belli (Italy), Sue Bott (United Kingdom), John Evans (United Kingdom), Gordana Rajkov (Serbia), Milica Mima Ruzicic Novkovic (Serbia) and Adolf Ratzka (Sweden).

  • ENIL Brussels Office Secretariat: The Secretariat is located in Brussels. It employs administrative, advocacy and project staff and hosts interns and volunteers. Some staff members are located in different European countries, working remotely with the Brussels Office.

  • Youth Network: Following the 2015 Freedom Drive, the ENIL Youth Network was formally established as a subgroup within ENIL. The ENIL Youth Network has its own Constitution, agreed by the ENIL Youth Board. The Youth Board consists of six board members and is elected at the Youth Network’s General Assembly.

ENIL Board

Jamie Bolling Jamie Bolling



Nadia Hadad Nadia Hadad



Armen Alaverdyan Armen Alaverdyan

Board Member


Michael Holden Michael Holden

Board Member

Northern Ireland

Radoš Keravica Radoš Keravica

Board Member


Suela Lala Suela Lala

Board Member


Vibeke Marøy Melstrøm Vibeke Marøy Melstrøm

Board Member


Tess van Deynse Tess van Deynse

Board Member


ENIL Secretariat

Florian Sanden Florian Sanden

Policy Coordinator


Ines Bulić Cojocariu Ines Bulić Cojocariu



Kamil Goungor Kamil Goungor

Policy and Movement Support Officer


Laura Alčiauskaite Laura Alčiauskaite

Project Coordinator (TRIPS)


Lilia Angelova-Mladenova Lilia Angelova-Mladenova

Project Coordinator (PAKT, UNFPA Project) and Researcher

United Kingdom

Melike Ergun Yilmaz Melike Ergun Yilmaz

Project Assistant (TRIPS) and Coordinator (EntreAll)


Michael Goossens Michael Goossens

Communications Officer and Digital Organiser


Nataša Kokić Nataša Kokić

Campaign Coordinator


Stanislas Roisin Stanislas Roisin

Office Manager



Frank Sioen

Zara Todd

Senior Advisor

Dr Teodor Mladenov

Coordinator of the Independent Living Research Network

Nic Crosby

European Coalition for Community Living

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