ENIL’s Video About the May 5th Campaign

ENIL’s Video About the May 5th Campaign

The May 5th campaign was a success with all the events that took place all over Europe promoting independent living and human rights. ENIL’s intern Estitxu Arraztio has created a video which recaps that day. Below you can read her address to all activists and their allies:

“The ENIL Independent Living day 2015 campaign report is now being published. For me, as an ENIL intern, the process of this campaign was exciting. To see how first there was not much response but in the end there were 22 countries staging events that was 8 more than last year. This was great!

ENIL started working on the event in April, defining goals and doing lobby work to encourage people and organisations to participate. I felt motivated and eager to learn as much as possible from this experience. In fact, I learned many techniques and concepts during the process, such as how to plan an advocacy strategy and some tips to create a successful campaign. After working hard, it is satisfactory to see how the campaign grew achieved the expected results.

All the activities have been described in the final report. I want to thank all the participants for showing great moments of the events and have captured these in the following video.”

Esti Arraztio – Fomento San Sebastian – ENIL intern January 2015 – October 2015

Click on this link to see the video.

You can read a report from the May 5th events from all over Europe here.

Photo: An image of a video camera

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