Freedom Drive Update – 22 September 2015

Freedom Drive Update – 22 September 2015

Freedom Drive update – 22nd September 2015

Dear Freedom Drivers,

This is the final information update you receive before the Freedom Drive as it is really around the corner!


There will be taxis and a bus organized from Bel Brussels to the hotels in the evening, but to make sure that all the taxis are full (4 persons) we need to make a schedule and put participants of the same hotel in the same taxi. So please, in order to help our planning, send an email to if you know from now that you want to leave earlier.

We also remind you that with a 3-day ticket (18 euro) you will be able to travel on the entire STIB network during the event. This should be bought in advance and we will make sure the ticket will wait for you in your hotel upon arrival. To order it, send an email to Payment can be made to ENIL bank account:

Account Name: European Network on Independent Living

BANK: Bank BNP Paribas


IBAN: BE38 0017 5966 4872
If you haven’t sent us your hotel information and you wish to use the 3-day pass, we would like to ask you to mail the information to us as soon as possible! Emails to be sent to Frank Sioen at

Alternatively, you can pay in cash at the welcome desk at Bel Brussels.

For transport to and from the airport and in Brussels to different locations:

Bus lines 21 and 12 to schuman station (accessible) or Luxemburg station (not accessible

  1. Taxi verts (45 euro); ask explicitly for Taxi PMR ( Personne Mobilité Réduite); transports only one wheelchair user at a time, with one assistant; tel.: +32/2 349 4949 (ask for a FORFAIT Price); website
  2. Taxi Hendriks (adapted vans for max 8 persons); Freedom Drivers special price: before 19h – 50€, after 19h – 69€; reservation at least two days before; by email (,  mention ENIL Freedom Drive; by telephone ask for Toon Medaer +32/ 2 752 98 00; website in French and Dutch only
  3. TWD Support – (special price for Freedom Drive) before 19h – 50 €, after 19h 69€; reservation at least 2 days before; : +32/4 89 162 788 (mention the Freedom Drive!); online; website in Dutch, English, French and German
  4. You can find information on how to book assistance on the train on the following link This should be done at least 24h in advance
  5. To get to Brussels from the airport of Charleroi   you can take a train until 22.00h, after that you can only take a taxi (expensive – 77 euro!). If you are able to cope with a few stairs and have a manual wheelchair, you can also take a shuttle bus till 23.59h, visit this link for info

Some other useful links: Accessibility in general and Metro accessibility

Access to the Parliament

We are still facing a problem with the number of people allowed to enter the European Parliament (EP) at the same time. Because of security reasons there is now a general rule that events in the EP can only have 100 participants. However MEP Plura has written a letter to Martin Schultz, the EP President, to allow an exception on this rule for the Freedom Drivers. We are still waiting for the answer. But we have to take in account that we will have to make a painful selection. ENIL will try to do this as fair as possible with representation from all organisations and countries. We hope the Freedom Drivers will understand.

Furthermore, the EP accreditation service has asked ENIL to provide them with an overview list of all the national meetings that the Freedom Drivers have organized with their MEPs. Therefore, we kindly ask you to send us details of the meetings you have organized (if you did so) – with names of the MEP, date and time of the meeting, as well as the number of persons in your delegation – to

Thank you in advance!

General Assembly proxy voting

ENIL members, voting at the ENIL General Assembly (GA), are able to vote for one other ENIL member, not able to attend the GA, through proxy voting. We would need a signed letter from the person giving a proxy vote to another member. The letter should say who is being represented with contact details and give the person being appointed to vote through proxy voting again with contact details. This will allow for verification. There is a limit of one proxy vote per voting member. So no one can vote more than twice. Send to

Good examples for best Independent Living project/campaign during the year

ENIL reminds you to think about the best Independent Living project/campaign that you (your organisation) has implemented during the past year. We plan to have a ‘showing table’ with materials during Freedom Drive where you can share with all your creativity and good results! Please send your nomination to before the 25th September!


We will need some extra hands during registration and for some other small tasks during the whole Freedom Drive. If you wish to help us, please state this when you arrive in Bel Brussels or send an email to

The March

We will start gathering at 10.00am at Jubelpark (in the middle of the park) and the march itself starts at 12.00pm. By 13.30h we should have reached the Parliament. See a map with location points here. Please, bring warm clothes in case we have rain and cold weather. Join the march event on facebook.

Send us slogans that you suggest we shout during the march to

FD Anthem

During the march we will sing a song (available with lyrics here). And the lyrics themselves! It will strengthen the spirit of the event and will cheer us all up. Learn the lyrics and sing with us!


And below are links to all kind of information and materials that you might find useful before and during your hopefully great Freedom Drive experience!!!

Participant Pack – with handy tips and useful information

Overall Freedom Drive Program

Conference Program

Parliamentary meeting program

ENIL Youth Network meeting program

Location points – for Wednesday’s March

Bel Brussels website – our main Freedom Drive venue

Informational website about Brussels

Parking information

ENIL General Assembly 2015 documents

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Suvad Zahirovic

September 24, 2015, 6:44 pm

So much job already done! i am sure that FD will be also supper expirience for all of us who will come to Brussels! see you there!

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