Use of Structural Funds in Hungary

Use of Structural Funds in Hungary

One Hungarian civil servant was proud about Hungary planning to use Structural Funds to build an apartment block just for the Disabled! When approached by activists who explained that a house only for the disabled is segregation and a breech of rights, the lady was angered. How dare someone go against such a good idea? My question is when will our governments acquire the competence and knowledge of disability issues and understand that all people want to be a part of the diversified society and live side by side with everyone – not just people enclosed in a category. Would the Hungarian lady want to live in a house with only ladies? Or would she want to live in a house only with the elderly? Do the elderly only want to live with the elderly? My friends with Downs syndrome ask if they can come to work with me, tired of working only with people with Downs syndrome. We need to listen and open our world so that we all have the possibility to live and work side by side with everyone! Jamie Bolling, Executive Director of ENIL

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September 6, 2012, 9:15 am

Dear Vannessa,
The civil servants worldwide will acquire disability conscience when they will work side by side with people with disabilities and get to know them better.

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