European Elections 2019

Manifesto, Toolkit and the European Parliament Elections Questionnaire


In the run up to the 2019 European elections, ENIL members throughout Europe have joined forces to promote an inclusive Europe worth voting for. As a result, ENIL published a Manifesto that highlights crucial areas where the European Union can take a lead to improve our lives as disabled citizens.

We want a European Union that:

1.Ensures all European funding is invested into inclusion, not segregation (with a prohibition on investment into residential and institutional care facilities that put us apart and abuse us).

2.Makes sure all Europeans can move freely within the EU. This includes making sure that public transport is fully accessible, without the need for pre-booking, and being able to accept a job offer in another country.

3.Fully involves disabled people in discussions on how to put social inclusion into practice.

4.Breaks down the “policy silos” and makes sure that initiatives in different policy areas complement, not contradict, each other.

ENIL will use the Manifesto to ask candidates for the European Parliament to join the inclusion revolution and state what actions they will take to realize an inclusive EU. The culmination of our election campaign will be the 6th European Independent Living Day on the 5th May 2019, when disabled people will share testimonies about their hopes and worries for the forthcoming five years.

Download the 2019 Elections Manifesto here.

If you have any questions then please contact our lead for the European Parliament Elections – Frank Sioen:

Toolkit on the European Parliament Elections

The 2019 European Elections Toolkit includes:

a) Information about the European Elections and the elections process;
b) A presentation of the ENIL Elections Campaign, which will culminate on the European Independent Living Day – the 5th May;
c) Suggestions for activities you can organise to make your voice heard in the run up to the elections;
d) The text of the ENIL Manifesto, which you can translate into your language and/or adapt;
e) A questionnaire which you can send to candidate MEPs in your country, with questions based on the ENIL Manifesto.

Download the 2019 European Elections Toolkit

European Parliament Elections Questionnaire

Use this questionnaire to speak to candidates for the European Parliament. This is how you can use it:

  • You can send the questionnaire to candidate MEPs in your country and ask them to complete it (you can, of course, adjust the questionnaire and add or remove questions).
  • You can send the responses from MEPs to ENIL and your CIL or national organisation. We will publish the responses on the ENIL website. This way, people will be aware of the opinions of the main political parties in relation to disability and Independent Living. Once elected, we can also remind the MEPs of their reply and urge them to act on it.

Download the Questionnaire here

UPDATE: the candidate MEPs that replied were: