Best Practices

Sep 14, 2012,

Strasbourg Freedom Drive Video Contest 2011

Thank you to everyone who submitted videos for Strasbourg Freedom Drive Video contest 2011. The videos excellently documented the events of the week and all of the adventures of the participants on the Freedom Drive. A jury has now been assembled and will be reviewing the videos with a winner to be announced in the…

Sep 03, 2012,

Use of Structural Funds in Hungary

One Hungarian civil servant was proud about Hungary planning to use Structural Funds to build an apartment block just for the Disabled! When approached by activists who explained that a house only for the disabled is segregation and a breech of rights, the lady was angered. How dare someone go against such a good idea?…

Aug 29, 2012,

Welcome to the ENIL Blog

Websites, blogs and news galore – but ENIL hopes that our website still adds the extra! We are proud with our re-make and hope that our followers will find the site easier to read and even more interesting! Our team has grown and news is now flowing steadily from around Europe. This encourages even more…