Disability Watchdog

Feb 12, 2013,

Effects of the Budget Cuts in Britain

Nadia Clarke is 20 years old and is a campaigner for people with disabilities. She has cerebal palsy and is deaf.  She has travelled to many places around the world speaking about the rights of people with disabilities and has also spoken in the House of Commons in Britain. In this short video from ITV she…

Oct 23, 2012,

DPAC: Legal challenge to government plan to close the Independent Living Fund

A judicial review has been launched to challenge the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) consultation on closing the Independent Living Fund (ILF).  Six disabled claimants who receive support from the ILF have started judicial review proceedings to challenge the consultation, which closed on 12th October. The ILF is a body of the DWP but…

Oct 10, 2012,

Call for new UK Network to Challenge Attacks on Disability Rights

A successful conference held in London on the 27th September called for a new UK network to challenge the attacks on disability rights in the UK. The conference supported by DPAC, Inclusion London, ALLFIE, Norfolk Coalition of Disabled people and the Joseph Rowntree Trust brought together leading Disabled People’s Organisations and leading disability activists. Key…

Oct 01, 2012,

Monitoring the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities has the juridical tool of a monitoring body in the different member-states that have ratified the Convention. This mechanism is to ensure maximum transparency and full citizen involvement in the process of the full implementation of the Convention within the local juridical systems. This monitoring…

Jul 25, 2012,

EU issue new interpretive guidelines

On the 14th June 2012, the European Union issued an interpretive guideline to the already existing document Regulation (EC) 1107/2006. The document Regulation ( EC) NO 1107/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5th July 2006, concerns the rights of people with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility when travelling by air….

Jun 13, 2012,

UN Special Rapporteur on torture calls for an investigation by the US Department of Justice into the use of shock on children with disabilities in the United States

On the 6 June 2012, CNN’s investigative programme “Keeping Them Honest” with Anderson Cooper looked into why shock is being used on children with disabilities in the United States. The programme looked at one specific school, the only school in the United States that electrically shocks students- Judge Rolenburg Center. The school claims that electric…

Jun 11, 2012,

EDF News: Joint statement about new guidelines for transport accessibility

4 June 2012 /// Representing a wide coalition of European organisations acting on behalf of the transport industry and the transport passengers, we call upon the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament to uphold article 43 of the Commission’s proposal for the development of the trans-European transport network. On 19 October 2011, the European…

May 30, 2012,

Disability Watchdog – the Bulgarian Family Code and its restrictions

In 2010 Peter Kichashki, who was to go on to become ENIL’s South Regional Coordinator, submitted a complaint to the Bulgarian Committee for Protection Against Discrimination. His protest concerned a clause in the Bulgarian Family Code that had the potential to prevent people born disabled from getting married. The text stated that if there was…

Feb 19, 2012,

Disability watchdog: Update on current events in Hungary

“We would like to make you aware of current concerns that disabled people in Hungary are faced with. Recently the Hungarian Government changed the whole disability pension system, which will be a lot worse than the previous system especially for disabled people. The biggest changes are connected to the rights that arise from the pension…

Feb 19, 2012,

Disability watchdog: Giovanni is losing his personal assistance

Since 2006, 14 year old Giovanni has been in receipt of 70 hours of personal assistance per week and has chosen to have his personal assistance through the JAG cooperative. Just before Christmas the National Swedish Social Assurance Agency decided that he no longer qualifies for personal assistance.  Giovanni depends on continuity because of his…

Jul 27, 2011,

Disability Watchdog: Personal Assistance Decree in Valencia, Spain

Issue that was addressed The approval of the new law that regulates Personal Assistance in Valencia (Spain), ENIL reacted presenting the Valencia Government a draft with changes and additions that should be included to the law before its presentation to public debate. The Valencia Government in 2010 announced that in January 2011 this new law…

May 19, 2011,

Disability Watchdog: Inaccessible Public Transport in Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia Municipality Officials Were Forced to Join Disabled People in the Rain – Inaccessible Pubic Transport is a CLEARCUT Violation of Basic Human Rights More than 700 000 disabled Bulgarians cannot enjoy their right to free movement due to the lack of accessible built environment and public transport. They picked up the European Disability Protest…

May 17, 2011,

Disability Watchdog: New Hungarian Constitution, a violation of the right to vote of people with mental or intellectual disabilities

Disability watch dog -New Hungarian Constitution denies the right to vote to people with mental or intellectual disabilities. Case: Recently adopted new Constitution in Hungary The Hungarian Parliament recently approved the country’s new Constitution, which should enter into force on January 1, 2012. This document should reinforce the inalienable human rights of all Hungarians as…

Dec 02, 2010,

Disability Watchdog: need to review PA law in Spain

Disability watch dog – Modification of the Decree about Personal Assistance Issue that was addressed Presentation of the new Decree on Personal Assistance in Valencia (Spain), ENIL reacted presenting the Valencian Government a draft of the decree when it was about to be presented to public debate. The Valencian Government announced that in January 2011,…

Dec 01, 2010,

Disability Watchdog: Small Institutions in Spain

Small Institutions offered as an Independent Living alternative to the residential resource. Issue that was addressed: On October 1st, the Association L’Auro organized in Castellón (Spain) the I Conference about Independent Living programmes for disabled people, with the title: “Welcome to the Independent republic of our home”. The programmes were referred to housing resources. Enil…

Nov 26, 2010,

Disability Watchdog: Media Harrasment of Independent Living Activist Nuria Gómez

A member of the “Foro Vida Independiente y Divertad”  (Forum for Independent living in Spain) being investigated after showing up a local authority in a TV programme asking him about the disability policies. Issue that was addressed: Nuria Gómez, a Member of the Forum for Independent Living in Barcelona (Spain), participated in a TV programme…

Nov 25, 2010,

Disability Watchdog: Misdirection of funds in Bulgaria

Issue Addressed Continued misdirection of funds and wasted opportunities to ensure the social inclusion of disabled people in Bulgaria. Measurement taken Resignation of Kapka Panayotova Bulgarian Ambassador for the European Year of Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion see following letter:

Nov 15, 2010,

Disability Watchdog: Locked up lives in Croatia

LOCKED UP LIVES – CROATIA – Report on the visit of the Chairman of DPI to Croatia in October 2010 Issue that was addressed: At the end of September Human Rights Watch (HRW) issued a report ‘Croatia Locked up lives’ on the situation of people in institutions in Croatia, with the report they were hoping…