Europe in Action

Dec 04, 2011,

Independent Living Scotland addresses its Parliament

Disabled people need the kind of welfare state which is not a mere ‘safety net’ but which invests in tackling disabling barriers and in providing resources to meet the additional costs related to impairment. Read the complete document here

Dec 04, 2011,

Independent Living Classics: the 2007 Barcelona speech by Dr Ratzka

If we speak about inspirational leaders in the Independent living movement we quickly come to Dr Adolf Ratzka. In 2007 he spoke in Barcelona on the dependency culture towards people with disabilities and how to break it. The title of his speech was: “Independent Living for people with disabilities: from patient to citizen and customer”….

Dec 04, 2011,

John Evans from ENIL speaks to Europe about the devastating effect of the cuts

One of the greatest experts on Independent Living, John Evans, uses every opportunity to warn people with disabilities, policymakers and other stakeholders about the effects of the cuts in public spending that are going on. In many European countries governments take inhuman, irrational and contra productive decisions to cut budgets that are necessary to make…

Dec 04, 2011,

U.K. Disability activists fight cuts with (first) success!

The wave of inhuman and inefficient policy decisions that hit people with disabilities disproportionally in many European countries is still on a roll and is affecting or threatening our Quality of Live and our Human Rights. Naturally this can make you feel sad and victimized, … but if we don’t stand up against this, no…

Dec 04, 2011,

The importance of Independent Living terminology

Independent Living movement has inspired many people for several decades. Ideas and views who used to be controversial at first have been affirmed by good practices, disability studies and political documents (e.g. UNCRPD) time after time. This success has lead to an increasing number of cases of abuse or ‘hijacking’ of Independent Living terminology. It’s…

Dec 04, 2011,

Broad support for ENIL Resolution!

As you all know the financial and economical crisis is hitting people with disabilities in a disproportionately way. Through our network of independent living activists in Europe we are receiving alarming messages about austerity measures and cuts in independent living services and personal assistance. Fighting this negative tendency is one of the main focuses for…

Dec 04, 2011,

UN Human Rights: Study on the Implementation of Article 33 of the UNCRPD in Europe

The Study aims to provide States with detailed information on the bodies set up under Article 33 CRPD so that they can take stock of the experiences of other States. It also purports to assist international human rights mechanisms, including the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, in providing guidance on the…

Dec 02, 2011,

ENIL Press Release: Cuts to Independent Living Services Call for More Rigorous Implementation of the UN Disability Convention in 2012.

Cuts to Independent Living services across Europe, slow progress towards de-institutionalisation, abuse of disabled people in institutional care, and some advancement in the right to Personal Assistance. This is a summary of 2011 by the European Network on Independent Living (ENIL) on the occasion of 3 December, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. A…

Nov 28, 2011,

World Report on Disability at EP

The first ever World Report on Disability, produced jointly by WHO and the World Bank, will be presented in the European Parliament, Where: Josef Antall building, room 6Q1 When: 7th December 12:30 – 15:00 The event will be hosted by Dr Adam Kosa, MEP and EDF Acting Director, Javier Güemes will be speaking. Other speakers include: László Andor, Commissioner for Employment,…

Nov 26, 2011,

The Swedish crisis

The Independent Living movement in Sweden has a long history of demonstrations. Now it’s time to take on the placards again and rescue assistance! Country after country uses the economic crisis to cut the funding of reforms of personal assistance. In Sweden the savings proposals is threatening the world’s best personal assistance legislation. Due to…

Nov 24, 2011,

Researching participation in the family for children with disabilities

Jenny Wilder, PhD in Psychology, Senior Lecturer in Special Needs Education Mälardalen University, and her colleagues started an inquiry in 2010 that will continue for three years, called PFA-CHILD, on how children with considerable disabilities participate in different family activities. The JAG Association inSweden is collaborating withJönköpingUniversity and two other organizations in this project.  …

Nov 24, 2011,

Institutions and personal assistance in northern Europe

By Josefin Sterner, intern at the JAG Association  A charting of the existence of institutions and personal assistance in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Finland shows that though the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities have been signed and soon ratified by all of these countries the result vastly varies…

Nov 24, 2011,

Artist challenges stereotypes by using models from “Funkisbyrån”

We have previously written about the model agency for people with disabilities that JAG started three years ago. Two of the models, Stefan Nilsson and Frida Gustavsson, is currently present in a cross-border exhibition of photographs by famous Swedish artist Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin. The aim of the exhibition is to challenge norms. The title of…

Nov 24, 2011,

DPAC Charter of Rights for Disabled People

Extract from the document: “Disabled People demand Rights not Charity and we reject all cuts to our services and benefits. INDEPENDENT LIVING Disabled people must have the right to live independently in society with the necessary levels of support to take a full and inclusive part in everyday activities their non-disabled peers take for granted….

Nov 19, 2011,

ENIL Conference in the University of Valencia (Spain)

  Last 18th  november 2011, there was a conference under the title “Independent Living, a Life Empowerment Strategy”, it took place in the Social Education Faculty of the Valencia University. The speakers were the ENIL collaborators Katjia Villatoro, José Alfonso López and Juan Benages. The conference sparked off big interest and the audience was implicated,…

Nov 19, 2011,

Role model: Meet Jose Alfonso Lopez from Spain

That’s my evolution in “The two Europes”: a mix of contrasts with a bittersweet taste. I’m José Alfonso. I’ve been on a wheelchair all my life and this is what I want to explain. My experience on wheels is a continuous challenge. I hate the monotony and I am so emotive, restless, that I can…

Nov 15, 2011,

Valencia conference on Independent Living and Human Rights

Jamie Bolling – Executive Director of ENIL visited the Secretariat in October. The main event was a conference on Independent Living and Human Rights organized by Carmen Najera– the Spanish Coordinator. Jamie spoke on the Freedom Drive and follow-up  through meetings with MEPs. In the background during the day a TV team was conducting interviews…

Nov 02, 2011,

New book: ‘Theses For The Theory And Culture Of Handicap’

On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the adoption of the Prague conclusions, adopted at the International seminar about Independent Living, YHD would like to present to you the new book on with the title ‘Theses for the theory’ and culture of handicap written by Ph. D. Dušan Rutar. The turning point in our…

Nov 02, 2011,

Enil Mission To Bulgaria – Report

ENIL with the representation of the Executive Director Jamie Bolling was on a mission in Bulgaria, from 1st to 8th October 2011. The main purpose of the mission was to contribute to a project for active citizenship of young leaders in the IL movement in Bulgaria and to influence various actors regarding the elections to take…