Europe in Action

Nov 24, 2011,

DPAC Charter of Rights for Disabled People

Extract from the document: “Disabled People demand Rights not Charity and we reject all cuts to our services and benefits. INDEPENDENT LIVING Disabled people must have the right to live independently in society with the necessary levels of support to take a full and inclusive part in everyday activities their non-disabled peers take for granted….

Nov 19, 2011,

ENIL Conference in the University of Valencia (Spain)

  Last 18th  november 2011, there was a conference under the title “Independent Living, a Life Empowerment Strategy”, it took place in the Social Education Faculty of the Valencia University. The speakers were the ENIL collaborators Katjia Villatoro, José Alfonso López and Juan Benages. The conference sparked off big interest and the audience was implicated,…

Nov 19, 2011,

Role model: Meet Jose Alfonso Lopez from Spain

That’s my evolution in “The two Europes”: a mix of contrasts with a bittersweet taste. I’m José Alfonso. I’ve been on a wheelchair all my life and this is what I want to explain. My experience on wheels is a continuous challenge. I hate the monotony and I am so emotive, restless, that I can…

Nov 15, 2011,

Valencia conference on Independent Living and Human Rights

Jamie Bolling – Executive Director of ENIL visited the Secretariat in October. The main event was a conference on Independent Living and Human Rights organized by Carmen Najera– the Spanish Coordinator. Jamie spoke on the Freedom Drive and follow-up  through meetings with MEPs. In the background during the day a TV team was conducting interviews…

Nov 02, 2011,

New book: ‘Theses For The Theory And Culture Of Handicap’

On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the adoption of the Prague conclusions, adopted at the International seminar about Independent Living, YHD would like to present to you the new book on with the title ‘Theses for the theory’ and culture of handicap written by Ph. D. Dušan Rutar. The turning point in our…

Nov 02, 2011,

Enil Mission To Bulgaria – Report

ENIL with the representation of the Executive Director Jamie Bolling was on a mission in Bulgaria, from 1st to 8th October 2011. The main purpose of the mission was to contribute to a project for active citizenship of young leaders in the IL movement in Bulgaria and to influence various actors regarding the elections to take…

Oct 31, 2011,

Role model: Meet Alexandra Aleksova (Bulgaria)

My name is Aleksandra. I’m 16 years of old and I’m from Bulgaria. I live with my mother in a small town west of Sofia. I have a lot of friends and relatives, who love me. I was happy that I had the chance to participate in the Strasburg Freedom Drive 2011. What is your…

Oct 27, 2011,

Watch ULOBA film on Personal Assistance

ULOBA, the Norwegian Independent Living organization made a very good movie clip. In less than half an hour it is very well explained what the Independent Living movement is all about and where it originated. It clarifies the importance of Personal Assistance and defines it. It is an introduction to the job as personal assistant…

Oct 27, 2011,

Independent Living Speech On Easpd Conference

The EASPD is the European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities and represents close to 9,000 social service provider organizations across Europe and across disability. On October 3rd & 4th they organized a conference in Brussels focused on deinstitutionalization (DI) in Western Europe. The purpose was to finalise the EASPD Recommendations on DI, based…

Oct 27, 2011,

Irish Freedom Drive Follow Up

The Irish Freedom Drivers are continuing to put pressure on the Irish Government to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities and have met with the Minister of State with responsibility for  Disability, Kathleen Lynch, and have raised this matter directly with her.            The Irish MEPs…

Oct 27, 2011,

Ireland: Savage Cuts To Personal Assistance Hours Proposed

A report in the Irish Times on 14 October quoted a leaked document from Ireland’s Health Service Executive (the HSE) as saying it was considering making massive cuts to home help and personal assistance hours between now and the end of the year.  The HSE  said it is considering reducing home help hours by 600,…

Oct 27, 2011,

European Commission Adopts Legislative Proposals for Cohesion Policy 2014 – 2020

On 6 October 2011, the European Commission adopted legislative proposals for cohesion policy during the period 2014 – 2020. Among other, the new proposals set out the rules for the use of the European Regional Development Fund and the European Social Fund (together referred to as the EU Structural Funds) in the next programming period….

Oct 26, 2011,

Opening Of A New Regional Cil In Kragujevac (Serbia)

A new regional CIL was established and officially registered in Kragujevac, Serbia on 18 January 2011. Guided by the idea that everyone has the right to choose how he or she wants to live, CIL Kragujevac represents and advocates for social approach to disability and is working on providing facilities for Independent Living of disabled…

Oct 20, 2011,

Back to Italy after the Freedom Drive

On 15 September, the fifth edition of the Freedom Drive was held in Strasbourg. The Freedom Drive is a march for freedom organised every two years by ENIL, which this year saw over two hundred people with disabilities from 20 countries marching from Place de la Republic to the European Parliament. The aim of the…

Oct 20, 2011,

Swedish MEPs Call for De-Institutionalisation

During the Freedom Drive, the delegation from Sweden held a meeting with a number of Swedish MEPs. As a result of this meeting, a group of MEPs published an article in a major newspaper calling for the closure of long stay residential institutions for persons with disabilities in Europe. The article also refers to the…

Oct 20, 2011,

Road Movie Contest

Now that the Freedom Drive is over, ENIL is collecting entries to its Road Movie Contest. If you have photos or videos from the Freedom Drive, please send them to the ENIL Secretariat at The best photo story or documentary will be shown at the Freedom Drive 2013! Participants from Belgium can also send…

Oct 20, 2011,

Progress in Implementing Freedom Drive Demands

Before this year’s Freedom Drive, we analysed the progress made in implementing the demands from 2009. In case you have not had a chance to read this document, we are sending it to you again. The second document, Freedom Drive Demands Explained, sets out what is behind this year’s demands. ENIL will use the next…

Oct 20, 2011,

Report from the Freedom Drive 2011

This report includes summaries of all the meetings and events organised during the Freedom Drive week. You will also find the selected press coverage and the main documents in the Annex to the report. The report is available in pdf and Text Only version.