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Jul 27, 2011,

DPAC campaigns and protests agains benefit cuts in the UK

Source of the news and images DPAC website On the evening of the 21st of July disabled people and supporters gathered at Kensington and Chelsea’s Social Services to defend and support Elaine McDonald and Disability Rights. More photos to be found at

Jul 26, 2011,

Rio came to Stockholm for one afternoon

One afternoon in late June, the members of JAG took over the streets of Stockholm. Together with an authentic samba orchestra, we offered a carnival procession, which exuded pride, joy and self-esteem.   About 200 people, members in JAG, personal assistants, relatives and supporters, participated.     Why a samba carnival? The members in JAG…

Jul 05, 2011,

Meet Pilar O’Connor, Valencia (Spain)

Although my surname might make you think that I am Irish, I was born in Valencia (Spain) forty-nine years ago. I spent most life in a small town on the Mediterranean coast until I moved to the city where I am living now and that is the same city where I was born. I share…

Jul 04, 2011,

Introducing SERVUS system in Slovenia for greater independence

YHD has started a co-operation with a company which is introducing the SERVUS system in Slovenia. The company has approached us, because a few years ago we already had a successful cooperation with one of its managers, getting brand new computers and software to 20 users of the Independent Living Programme. This new co-operation is…

Jul 01, 2011,

ULOBA’s 20th birthday! Stolthetsparaden 2011, we are proud, visible and strong!

On the 18th of June the Pride Parade took over the streets of Oslo for the fourth consecutive year with over 1000 participating. The parade is the largest demonstration of disabled people ever in Norway. Together we marched from Universitetsplassen to Oslo Spektrum to show the world that we are PROUD, STRONG and VISIBLE! After…

Jun 14, 2011,

Meet Katja Villatoro, Valencia (Spain)

My name is Katja and I live in a village near Valencia for almost ten years. Before I used to live in Benidorm (Alicante), my profession was in the healthcare area and I was working in a private clinic as an assistant in the surgical area. I have a son, Unai, he lived with me…

Jun 14, 2011,

Meet Aglaia Katsigianni, from Drama (Greece)

My name is Aglaia Katsigianni. I’m a 42 years old woman with physical disability living in Drama, a city in the northern Greece. I’m single, living with my – super! – mom, because independent living doesn’t exist in Greece.. My dad has passed away, several years ago. My disability is Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and it…

Jun 02, 2011,

Biography of Ed Roberts and worldwide list of Independent Living Centers

Meet Buddy Bougere from New Orleans, USA. He is writing a biography on disability pioneer Ed Roberts and is working on a worldwide list of Independent Living Centers. Read all about it and help Buddy Bougere with completing his list. 961 Independent Living Centers In 37 Countries by Buddy Bougere © Copyright by…

May 31, 2011,

Meet Lizy Scheltjens, from Flanders (Belgium)

I’m a youngster from about 30 years and I was raised in an open-minded way. My younger, non-disabled brother and I were raised in an equal way. I spend my school time at a school for disabled people but I didn’t see this as an obstacle because there they taught me how to be independent….

May 31, 2011,

Rencontre avec Corinne Lassoie, de Wallonie (Belgique)

J’ai fait des études de tourisme et c’est dans ce domaine que je travaillais mais ma vie a basculé deux fois. Tout d’abord quand j’avais 24 ans et que je me suis retrouvée en chaise roulante suite à mon premier accouchement et puis il y a sept ans quand mon mari m’a quittée. Souffrant d’un…

May 31, 2011,

Meet Corinne Lassoie, from Wallonia (Belgium)

I’ve studied tourism and this is the area I worked in, but my life changed twice. First when I was 24 years and I found myself in a wheelchair after my first delivery and then seven years ago when my husband left me. Suffering from a severe disability, unable to live alone, I fought to…

May 31, 2011,

Interview: Professor Robert Schalock

The Expertise Centre Independent Living (Belgium) published a study in May 2011 on quality of life of people who use a Personal Assistance Budget (PAB) in Flanders to organize their support. Following this research we spoke with the renowned professor Robert Schalock. He tells us more about the concept of Quality of Life.
-A lot of our readers have heard about you and your work in the field of Quality of Life-research. For the people that don’t know who you are, could you introduce yourself?

The concept of quality of life appeared in my writings in the mid 1980s based on the evaluation of community based programs in Nebraska. At that time, we were establishing community-based residential and vocational programs for persons with intellectual disability and were placing individuals into more independent and productive community environments. We were proud of our accomplishments were as we continued the research activities it became apparent that something was missing in our work. I remember well, for example, making the following comment in a 1986 AJMR article: “Although we had succeeded in placing people into more independent and productive environments, we had overlooked an important item: their quality of life.’Even though I knew very little about the concept from a literature perspective, intuitively it made good sense to focus on a life of quality, which lead to the work on quality of life that I have been involved in ever since.

May 20, 2011,

Meet Bor Melansek, from Ljubljana (Slovenia)

My name is Bor Melansek. I’m 31 years old. I am a tetraplegic and I live on my own in Ljubljana. To be able to live on my own I use personal assistance and help from my friends. What is your personal experience of disability? On the 4th of January 2004 while fooling around on…

May 04, 2011,

The differences between children and children by Magnus Andén, Chairman of JAG

I’m celebrating Easter in the south of Spain, as I normally do. The sun is shining as usual. And I am enjoying a walk on the beach with the help of my assistant. It’s a holiday and families are out strolling together. People from all generations are walking and stopping to chat with friends along…

May 04, 2011,

Meet Stefan Nilsson, from Stockholm (Sweden)

Stefan Nilsson, age 39, lives in his own apartment in Stockholm. He has a large family with whom he likes to spend time. Stefan is a member of JAG and participates in the daily work offered for members at JAG’s headquarters.   What kind of support do you need? I have had a personal assistant…

May 04, 2011,

Parachutes for all, 10th May 2011 Berlin

On the 10th May in Berlin a demonstration against the existing discrimination, segregation and exclusion is taking place to celebrate the European day of protest for the equality of disabled people. The motto of the demonstration is “Rescue parachutes for all”. The demonstration is organized by the federal initiative “At home instead of in a…

Apr 22, 2011,

Segregation is not Education, Foro de Vida Independiente y Divertad – FVID

fvid-Spain   Under the theme: Segregation is not Education, FVID launched a campaign to protect and ensure the right of disabled children to have access to an inclusive educational system. A letter was issued to the Secretary of State for Education after the declarations given where he promotes a model of inclusive education, where schools…