Europe in Action

May 04, 2011,

Meet Stefan Nilsson, from Stockholm (Sweden)

Stefan Nilsson, age 39, lives in his own apartment in Stockholm. He has a large family with whom he likes to spend time. Stefan is a member of JAG and participates in the daily work offered for members at JAG’s headquarters.   What kind of support do you need? I have had a personal assistant…

May 04, 2011,

Parachutes for all, 10th May 2011 Berlin

On the 10th May in Berlin a demonstration against the existing discrimination, segregation and exclusion is taking place to celebrate the European day of protest for the equality of disabled people. The motto of the demonstration is “Rescue parachutes for all”. The demonstration is organized by the federal initiative “At home instead of in a…

Apr 22, 2011,

Segregation is not Education, Foro de Vida Independiente y Divertad – FVID

fvid-Spain   Under the theme: Segregation is not Education, FVID launched a campaign to protect and ensure the right of disabled children to have access to an inclusive educational system. A letter was issued to the Secretary of State for Education after the declarations given where he promotes a model of inclusive education, where schools…