Europe in Action

Aug 25, 2015,

Zero Project Receives 337 Nominations From 98 Countries

ENIL, as one of the strongest supporters of the Zero Project, just received the astonishing news that 337 nominations of innovative practices and policies in the field of inclusive education and ICT were submitted since June 2015, when the selection process started.

Aug 18, 2015,

Personal Assistance in Europe – Still a Neglected Pillar of the Independent Living

Personal assistance (PA) is an important concept in the framework of the Independent Living philosophy and essential for disabled people in need to live their lives with dignity, fully included in the community and to realize their potential. PA is one of ENIL’s main areas of work as and again high on the 2015 agenda with the updating and expanding of the PA database for PA legislation in Member States and other European countries.

Aug 03, 2015,

Severe Violations of Rights of Disabled People in Iraqi Kurdistan

Through recent reports from the Institute of Kurds with disabilities in Sweden, the situation for disabled persons within the Iraqi Kurdistan illustrates a grisly and an outright inhumane treatment of these people with their basic human rights being grossly violated.

Jul 28, 2015,

Disabled French Alone – or Sent to Belgium

The French government has already been condemned several times for its unwillingness to take care of disabled persons. Each time, the scenario is the same: the judge recognizes the government´s failure and condemns it to pay indemnity plus interests to the families…

Jul 20, 2015,

Youth Summer School on Independent Living: Working Together for Independent Living in Turkey

More than 35 disabled people and their personal assistants took part in the Youth Summer School on Independent Living in Istanbul, between 29th June and 2nd July 2015. It was organised by ENIL, in partnership with RUSIHAK (Turkey) and CIL – Sofia (Bulgaria) as part of the joint project “Independent Living Network: Promoting the right to independent living of people with disabilities in Turkey” (ILNET).

Jul 17, 2015,

A Role Model – James Elder Woodward

On the 26th June 2015 the Chancellor of the University of Glasgow conferred the honorary degree of Doctor of the University on James Elder Woodward OBE.

Jul 06, 2015,

Bente Skansgårds Independent Living Fond

In May ENIL proudly announced a great initiative of ULOBA – the establishment of the foundation ‘Bente Skansgård Independent Living Fond’. The object of the foundation is to strengthen the global Independent Living movement. It is aimed at increasing the knowledge about the Independent Living movement by providing financial support for the exchange of experience and competence between disabled people.

Jul 03, 2015,

ENIL’s Video About the May 5th Campaign

The May 5th campaign was a success with all the events that took place all over Europe promoting independent living and human rights. ENIL’s intern Estitxu Arraztio has created a video which recaps that day.

Jun 23, 2015,

Zero Project – For a World Without Barriers

The Zero Project continues to be a success and has grown into an important world organization spreading good policy and practice for the rights of disabled people. With this article we take the opportunity to announce the Zero Project call on education and ICT for 2016. Pass the word to make sure that we, from the Independent Living movement, contribute with our good examples. Find the link for the registration of good policy and practice here.

Jun 19, 2015,

Proud, Strong and Visible in Oslo

300 persons walked through Oslo last weekend in one of Europe’s biggest disability pride parades, shouting “Proud! Strong! Visible!”
ULOBA – Independent Living Norway, has arranged disability pride parades for the last 8 years. After walking down Karl Johan, the main street of Oslo, the parade ends up at Oslo Central Station where there are speeches and a concert.