Europe in Action

May 26, 2015,

The Second European Independent Living Day (May 5th 2015) Was a Success!

For the second consecutive year, the European Independent Living day was celebrated on May 5th with many exciting events in the name of Independent Living (IL) across Europe. We raised our voices through activities, making loud and clear messages and raising awareness on Independent Living.

May 04, 2015,

Briefing on the Use of Structural Funds to Support the Transition from Institutional Care to Community Living

With the majority of Operational Programmes for the European Structural and Investment Funds (‘Structural Funds’) adopted, the European Network on Independent Living – European Coalition for Community Living (ENIL-ECCL) consider it important to highlight the significant on-going issues which may impede the transition from institutional care to community living for people with disabilities.

Apr 28, 2015,

“We Are Sailing Stormy Waters in a Shared Boat”

This is what most of our Turkish friends agreed at the end of the study visit to Bulgaria hosted by the CIL – Sofia team as a part of a joined project with ENIL and RUSIHAK in Istanbul, Turkey.

Apr 27, 2015,

Frank Larkin Reports Hate Speech Case on Facebook

ENIL was recently contacted by one of its active members – Frank Larkin, chairperson of ‘Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland (SBHI). He was highly disturbed by some offensive graphic images posted on Facebook related to disabled people. As an ardent Independent Living supporter, Frank could not stay passive and decided to fight against this mere act…

Apr 10, 2015,

ENIL Freedom Drive Update

The location of the ENIL Freedom Drive events has changed! We will be meeting at Bel Brussels ( – a much more accessible venue for ENIL! Bel is not far from the older venue La Tentation, so the change should not affect your previous plans. Please find below a more detailed program for the Freedom Drive.

Apr 01, 2015,

Time to Assess Progress Towards Independent Living in the European Union

As part of the review of EU’s initial report on the implementation on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), ENIL’s Western Regional Coordinator Peter Lambreghts will address the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities tomorrow and present ENIL-ECCL’s Shadow report on Article 19 of the CRPD.

Mar 24, 2015,

Survey on Accessible Tourism

An MBA student at the Tallinn University of Technology has launched a survey researching the currently available processes of hotel booking for travellers with access needs in Europe.

Mar 13, 2015,

Understanding Co-Production

At the last partnership meeting of the ELOSH Project in Amsterdam, ENIL’s Miro Griffiths held a one-day training on co-production for 14 partner organisations from 8 EU Member States. The purpose of the training was for delegates to understand the concept and philosophy of co-production and how this affects support services and marginalised groups.

Mar 12, 2015,

ENIL’s Webinar Series Opens with Introduction to Independent Living

Our first webinar this year – about the history of the Independent Living (IL) movement took place on 2nd March with 19 participants from 14 countries. We had diverse participation, with interpreters, engineers, social economists, managers among the attendees, which made the session interesting and fun.

Feb 24, 2015,

New Resources on Independent Living

Wondering how the cost of Independent Living compares to residential care? Would you like to start a new Centre for Independent Living? Concerned by disability hate crime? Is your government including disabled people in policy development? Do you need training materials on peer support? Are there upcoming elections in your country? If yes, please read on.

Feb 17, 2015,

ENIL Contributes to Development of Future Youth Policy

The European Commission and the Council of Europe have signed a new youth partnership for the period 2014 – 16 to foster synergies between the two organizations. Specific themes for 2014 – 16 are: participation/citizenship; social inclusion; recognition and quality of youth work.