Good Practice

Nov 02, 2011,

AER Press release: Lets’ change our perception of disabilities!

La Rochelle, Poitou-Charentes (F), 20th October 2011 The working group “Equal Europe for People with Disabilities” of the Assembly of European Regions (AER) met in La Rochelle (F) to the kind invitation of Segolène Royal, President of Poitou-Charentes, and Michèle Sabban, President of AER, to exchange views on successful strategies for implementing the UN Convention…

Oct 27, 2011,

Watch ULOBA film on Personal Assistance

ULOBA, the Norwegian Independent Living organization made a very good movie clip. In less than half an hour it is very well explained what the Independent Living movement is all about and where it originated. It clarifies the importance of Personal Assistance and defines it. It is an introduction to the job as personal assistant…

Oct 26, 2011,

Opening Of A New Regional Cil In Kragujevac (Serbia)

A new regional CIL was established and officially registered in Kragujevac, Serbia on 18 January 2011. Guided by the idea that everyone has the right to choose how he or she wants to live, CIL Kragujevac represents and advocates for social approach to disability and is working on providing facilities for Independent Living of disabled…

Jul 28, 2011,

I. L. and the difference between Social-Medical care and Personal Assistance. University of Psychology. University of Valencia June 22nd

ENIL Valencia Team was invited by the professor of the MA Degree in “Social-Medical Care for Disabled People”, at the University of Psychology of Valencia, to hold a Conference for students and faculty about Independent Living and Personal Assistance. On June 22nd, Itziar Fernández, ENIL’s Regional Coordinator of the South of Europe and Pilar O’Connor,…

Jul 04, 2011,

Introducing SERVUS system in Slovenia for greater independence

YHD has started a co-operation with a company which is introducing the SERVUS system in Slovenia. The company has approached us, because a few years ago we already had a successful cooperation with one of its managers, getting brand new computers and software to 20 users of the Independent Living Programme. This new co-operation is…

Jun 29, 2011,

Good example: Grunden gender project

Grunden web (Swedish) Why are the men playing the music and the woman singing to it? Grunden is a national organization in Sweden for and with people with intellectual disabilities.  In 2010 members of Grunden started a gender equality project to show that gender inequality exists and make it visible. During these years some of…

Jun 20, 2011,

Good example: International Diploma in Mental Health Law and Human Rights 2011-2012

The World Health Organization and the Indian Law Society (ILS) Pune, India offers the International Diploma in Mental Health Law and Human Rights. In 2005 WHO published the Resource Book on Mental Health, Human Rights and Legislationto guide countries in amending and adopting human rights based mental health legislationfor the promotion and protection of rights…

Jun 15, 2011,

Good example: Bike rental for disabled people in Spain

The city of Gandia ( a seaside touristic place not so far away from Valencia, Spain in collaboration with a disabled employer (by the way he is a Paralympic sportsman) has set up a bike rental service ( with a unique feature: it Iicludes the possibility of renting a tricycle specially designed for people with physical disabilities. At the moment they only have four units, but they expecting increase the number to a total of 39 which would mean one…

Jun 11, 2011,

Art and disability: Dancing on crutches!

Some energetic and impressive videos!… who said that it’s impossible? Visa TV Ad starring Bill Shannon Bill Shannon, aka “Crutch Master,” is a multi-disciplinary artists who defies definition and gravity. www

Jun 11, 2011,

Good example: Map for wheelchair accessible locations.

  Maptivism: much more than a geographical map The mobilization of citizens to deal with problems of daily human rights violations and environmental emergencies through new technologies. When cartography rhymes with activism. What is Wheelmap? Wheelmap is a map for wheelchair accessible locations. On you can find out if a location is accessible or not…

Jun 01, 2011,

Eric Celie, user of the Armon Ayura, a dynamic arm support system.

ENIL believes that people with a disability should have the right to use every helping aid,adaptation or assistive technology they choose to lead an independent life. We are the experts who know best what exactly we need. In reality we are often confronted with social workers or government functionaries who decide for us. They will…

Jun 01, 2011,

The Armon Ayura arm support

The Armon Ayura is an arm support especially developed for those who only have little strength in their arms, due to e.g. a transverse lesion, a cerebral infarct or one of many muscle diseases. The arm support is based upon the weight compensation technique, meaning that the device takes over the weight of the arm….

May 27, 2011,

New law approved in Iceland

Great News! It was announced today the 27th of May during the NNDR conference that the Icelandic Parliament passed today a great law. Sign language has been accepted as the national language of the deaf! When asked about the costs the reply was:   “We first look at Human Rights and decide how to finance…

May 20, 2011,

Good Example: Anizeto Calzeta and Ruedas a book by Guillermo Fresser

Anizeto Calzeta is not a regular detective, he solves everyday life mysteries and social issues and he has an exceptional assistant called Wheels (Ruedas).Wheels is the nickname of a 12 year old girl called Candela Mostos who happens to be amongst other things a wheelchair user. The author shows with Wheels that a wheelchair doesn’t…

May 03, 2011,

Good Example: MOVIMOLISE Website

If you want to know the latest news about Independent Living or who are the key activisits in the different regions of Italy you better visit: This webpage offers information and shares documents related to Independent Living not only from Italy but from all over Europe. Check it out now!

May 03, 2011,

Good Example: Accessibility App by Erik Ljungberg; ENIL Board Member

Last year, the Swedish Gothenburg Cooperative for Independent Living (Göteborgskooperativet för Independent Living, GIL) ran a campaign to improve accessibility at bars and restaurants. Each week, it published the names and photos of three restaurants with barriers that could easily be removed on their website. It also highlighted several good examples of accessibility. During the…

May 03, 2011,

Bolibompa TV host with a disability; one small step towards a more inclusive society

A Bolibompa television host with a disability – one small step towards a more inclusive society This spring, Funkisbyrån, JAG Association’s modeling agency for persons with disabilities, has been cooperating with Swedish television channel SVT to help cast a new host for the children’s program, Bolibompa. The program explicitly aims to cast a person with…

May 03, 2011,

Good Example: Positive video stories by Apeirons

An organisation of people with disabilities and their friends “Apeirons” from Latvia has started to create and promote informative video materials. “Apeirons” is making positive video stories and reports. The positive video stories talk about the lives of different persons with disabilities, their hobbies, professional activities, motivation and other things that allow them to enjoy…