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Dec 08, 2011,

YHD: On the remembrance of the 3rd of December

It has been 20 years since the first attempts to implement Independent Living in Slovenia and 15 years since the foundation of YHD – Association for theory and culture of handicap, which is the only organization providing for independent living and personal assistance according to internationally accepted principles and the principles of the European Network…

Dec 04, 2011,

The importance of Independent Living terminology

Independent Living movement has inspired many people for several decades. Ideas and views who used to be controversial at first have been affirmed by good practices, disability studies and political documents (e.g. UNCRPD) time after time. This success has lead to an increasing number of cases of abuse or ‘hijacking’ of Independent Living terminology. It’s…

Dec 04, 2011,

Broad support for ENIL Resolution!

As you all know the financial and economical crisis is hitting people with disabilities in a disproportionately way. Through our network of independent living activists in Europe we are receiving alarming messages about austerity measures and cuts in independent living services and personal assistance. Fighting this negative tendency is one of the main focuses for…

Oct 27, 2011,

Watch ULOBA film on Personal Assistance

ULOBA, the Norwegian Independent Living organization made a very good movie clip. In less than half an hour it is very well explained what the Independent Living movement is all about and where it originated. It clarifies the importance of Personal Assistance and defines it. It is an introduction to the job as personal assistant…

Oct 27, 2011,

Independent Living Speech On Easpd Conference

The EASPD is the European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities and represents close to 9,000 social service provider organizations across Europe and across disability. On October 3rd & 4th they organized a conference in Brussels focused on deinstitutionalization (DI) in Western Europe. The purpose was to finalise the EASPD Recommendations on DI, based…

Oct 20, 2011,

Progress in Implementing Freedom Drive Demands

Before this year’s Freedom Drive, we analysed the progress made in implementing the demands from 2009. In case you have not had a chance to read this document, we are sending it to you again. The second document, Freedom Drive Demands Explained, sets out what is behind this year’s demands. ENIL will use the next…

Oct 20, 2011,

Report from the Freedom Drive 2011

This report includes summaries of all the meetings and events organised during the Freedom Drive week. You will also find the selected press coverage and the main documents in the Annex to the report. The report is available in pdf and Text Only version.

Aug 29, 2011,

Belgium: CAMPAIGN GRIP vzw ‘We’re stronger than we think’

On July 2, 2009, Belgium ratified the UN Convention on the rights of persons with a disability. The Convention is an important tool for persons with a disability. It gives them a chance to participate, and to strive for their rights and fight for equal opportunities. A lot of disabled people are not familiar with this Convention,…