Role Models

Jul 09, 2009,

Meet Jos Huys, (Belgium)

Biographical Notes Education 1977 BSc Law (Catholic University of Leuven) 1981 MSc Social Law (Free University of Brussels) 1988 Dip Proficiency in English (University of Cambridge) Work Experience 1977-78 Researcher at faculty of law, Catholic University of Leuven 1978-2001 Lawyer at Fund for Labour Accidents (Brussels) 2002-2003 Legal expert at the Cabinet of the Belgian…

Jul 09, 2009,

Meet Horst Frehe, (Germany)

Biographical Notes Horst Frehe is a national economist and judge at the Social Court of Bremen, Member of the State Parliament in Bremen for the GreenParty, one of the founders of the “cripple movement” in 1977, member of the independent living movement of Germany, and is active in several disability groups, for example “Forum of disabled lawyers.”…

Nov 06, 2008,

Interview with Bulgarian PA user Vanya Pandieva

We interview Personal Assistance users from different countries on a regular basis. In August 08, ENIL PR Officer Tanja Richter talked to Vanya Pandieva. Vanya lives in the Bulgarian capital Sofia and is a member of the local Centre for Independent Living.  We talked to her when she visited the CIL Bad Kreuznach in Germany….

Aug 28, 2008,

Meet John Evans, from Petersfield (UK)

Interview August 2008 John is 58 and lives in Petersfield, UK. He is a freelance disability equality trainer. He is not only an ENIL Advisory board member but also at the European Disability Forum; a former chair of the British Council of Disabled People and joint founder of  Hampshire Centre for Independent Living.   How long…

Aug 28, 2008,

Meet Corinna Zolle, (Germany)

Interview with Corina Zolle, August 2008 What is your position in ENIL? I am a member of the Board and of the Management Committee. How long have you been involved with the Independent Living movement and with ENIL in particular? I have been involved with the IL movement since the middle of the 80s and…