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The European Network on Independent Living (ENIL) brings together user led disability organisations, mostly working at grassroots level. Recognising the difficult situation such organisations find themselves in across Europe, we do not have a membership fee in place and therefore rely on project funding and donations.

Our core funding comes from the European Commission grant for EU level networks, but we are working towards becoming less dependent on this funding and diversifying our funding sources. This is important for our independence and also means we can keep our membership free of charge.

We have small overheads, with all the staff involved in carrying out core activities. We rely on volunteers for fundraising, translations and many other important pieces of work, such as representing ENIL and speaking about Independent Living at various meetings, conferences and trainings. The outstanding work done by our Youth Network is currently entirely dependent on voluntary contributions of its members.

How do we use your donations

Your support – whether it is 5 EUR or 100 EUR – would help us expand our work and reach more disabled activists across Europe. Just to give you an idea of what we can do with your donations, below are some examples:

The cost of organising the week-long Freedom Drive for about 200 disabled activist from across Europe: app. 30,000 € (on top of this, we fundraise the same amount from the City of Brussels, various businesses etc.)

The cost of organising a one-week study session on deinstitutionalisation for 15 disabled participants from across Europe in Sweden: app. 15,000 €

The cost of one-week leadership training for one young disabled person: app. 1,500 €

The cost of having a PA to support a disabled trainer for 6 days in different regions of Belarus: app. 700 €

As a thank you …

We wish to thank everyone who makes a donation. Therefore, if you:

Pledge 5 € or more: you will get a big THANK YOU from ENIL.
Pledge 25 € or more: your NAME or LOGO will appear on ENIL’s website.
Pledge 50 € or more: your NAME or LOGO will appear on ENIL’s website and in our publications.
Pledge 100 € or more: your NAME or LOGO will appear on ENIL’s website and in our publications, and you will receive a printed copy or our publications and a T-shirt.

You can make a donation by bank transfer or via Pay Pal (either by clicking the “Donate” button or by scanning the QR code).

Thank you for your continued support!


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