UN CRPD + SDGs = Real Inclusion for All?

As part of the European Disability and Development Week, ENIL is organising an interactive event on 7 December 2017, on the topic “UN CRPD + SDGs = Real Inclusion for All?”. The event, hosted by Helga Stevens MEP, will use the battle-debate format to discuss the following questions:

– How can the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) facilitate the realisation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?
– To what extent do the SDGs strengthen the realisation of the CRPD?
– Can the General Comment on Article 19 facilitate implementation of both – the CRPD and the SDGs?
– Which strategy should be used to achieve real inclusion for all disabled persons worldwide?

What is a battle-debate?
Speakers will be divided into two camps, and each camp will receive questions or quotes from ENIL, which they will have to take sides on. The time to respond will be strictly limited – when the bell rings, the time is up! The audience will decide on the most convincing camp.

You can register here by 5 December 2017.

Programme and background information for the event can be downloaded at this link.

A short version of the informational document for the event can be downloaded here.

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