Webinar on the Disability Rights Defenders Network

The Independent Living Institute, Sweden and the European Network on Independent Living are holding a webinar to introduce the work of the Disability Rights Defenders Network. The webinar will take place on 20 May 2019, from 17:00 – 19:00 CET.

About the webinar:

Disability Rights Defenders (DRD) Network is run by disabled people as means of helping each other in using law as a tool for improving our position in society.

In almost every country, national laws and international agreements assure disabled people of the same rights that everyone else enjoys. On paper, things might look good. But in real life, we are still far from having equal rights, might not even know our rights, much less how to use them, for example, in court. We may have the laws, but unless we use them, little will change.

Whether we have a disability, work in a disabled people’s organization, are lawyers, law students or law professors, we all can contribute to DRD Network by sharing our experience, methods, and advice. DRD Network collects descriptions of legal cases, court decisions, references to legislation, publications, reports as well as announcements of events, learning and funding opportunities. We learn from each other and together by asking questions and sharing what we know about applying the law in combatting disability-based discrimination. We might live in different countries with different legal traditions, but we share the experience of discrimination, of second-class citizenship, and the vision of full inclusion and equal opportunities.

This webinar aims to raise awareness about the work of the DRD Network and to facilitate exchange of information and experience among disabled people, DPOs, lawyers, law professors, law students and others. This webinar is to be the first of two webinars, and will explain the work that is being carried out by DRD Network at the moment. In the future, there is a plan to have an exchange about the work done in different countries, with presentations of ongoing or pending cases involving disabled people.


Jamie Bolling, Director of the Independent Living Institute (ILI) and Board member, European Network on Independent Living (ENIL)– Welcome and opening
Ola Linder, Lawyer at ILI– Presentation of the project ‘Using the law as a tool’
Mari Siilsalu, Board member at Lagen som Verktyg – Introduction of the association ‘Using the law as a tool’
Adolf Ratzka, founder of ILI– Presentation of the Disability Rights Defenders Network
Eurgenia Runeberg, Lawyer at DHR– Presentation of DHR’s case on accessible transport

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